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Anyone who is a Helena fan who hasn't seen her Julie Vee days as a young hard-core porno star should check it out. Nasty as hell and cute as hell simultaneously. Always a winning combination.

Thanks for the info. Personally, I think Halena/Julie Vee is fantastic, one of the sexiest models on MetArt. But, I think she needs to get with another photographer, one who's not locked into the same poses and styles every time out.
Every layout looks the same. Try something new, man. Since it's Halena, she will never be boring, but she COULD be better.

Stylistically speaking, her bright blue toenails clash with the basic red/orange/brown "Autumn" color scheme. They would have been OK if she was being shot under a blue sky, beside a blue sea, or in a blue dress, but not so much in this setting.

Halena is exquisite.

I see Christina Hendricks before she became a buffet line regular.

Petite, little, 5'1" Halena could eat fast-food for a year and still not look like the "big-boned", voluptuous, 5'7" Christina Hendricks. They are entirely two different body types. The only thing they have in common are both are red-headed females.

I was referring to 11 yr. old Christina.

Great "obscure" reference...;o)

Joanie's rack was ANYTHING but "obscure", ameego!

"Joanie"?? Still I am shrugging my shoulders...lol

But if it's "melons" you're referring to, I wouldn't know ANY of the stars in that universe.

Ms. Hendricks played "Joan" on the tv series, "Mad Men".

Correctamundo Darkie: "Joanie Harris" = Christina Hendricks...thot everyone knew that!

Why would you think that "everyone" would be aware of this "obscure" reference???

*"Everyone" who's not "obscure"...thanks for pointing out the need for this qualifier!

Oh.... Never saw it. Thanks.

Don't worry Rock, I haven't seen it either... this thread had me scratching my head.

No worries mate! ;o) lol

A peach colored dress on this gorgeous redhead was a fabulous way to start this set. Those eyes and that smile slay me every time I have the privilege of seeing them. Could gaze at #12 for hours... Those eyes! Helena absolutely has a large piece of my heart.

I absolutely adore this deliciously beautiful girl!! Some of the best hair on the site!! Some of the best attributes on the site!!! And then there's those gorgeous eyes... Very nice set! Great to wake-up to...:o)

Another Goddess that is equally beautiful at both ends! Number six had me squirming in my chair, and then eight blew me right out of it!! This girl is Magic!!

No one on this site does the "do you like what you see?" face better than Halena. So seductive.

Halena looks great without the bra and undie under that orange dress.

Halena, Halena, Halena... you snuck in under my radar, and now you hold my heart in your hands, you wonderful, expressive, luscious woman. ( :
I enjoy the dress Halena began the set in, it is modest, while the look in her eyes is teasing and tempting enough to excite lascivious thoughts, even before she shows anything. And the color nicely compliments her hair.
I would like to have seen more in the way of upskirt, but at least Sironi made a nod in that direction before having Halena remove the dress entirely. I feel that this is progress and I'm satisfied for the time being.
Halena, don't be a stranger, your smile brings warmth to my heart. ( :

Very nice fer!! I couldn't have said it better myself!...seriously...lol ;o)

Gorgeous natural red hair, green eyes, ruby lips and a fantastic smile. How can the score be so low? I think Halena is gorgeous. See reminds me of Maureen O'Hara. # 35 is a show stopper for me! 40 and 56 are great portraits.

A few of my favorites are 69-72... Sooo precious!!

Stunning as always.

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