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Thanx Alex for some feet close up...

love ur pussy,,,

cutting scars on her arms :(

There's an unlimited number of causes for scars on arms. What's your point...or do you have one?

Outstanding set! Gorgeous.

I think pic #79 says it all. What a body and face.

Wow... Halena gets more beautiful and enticing every time I see her!!
Beautiful set!! The shots from behind her show just how gorgeous that butt is, but some of the best shots are of her gorgeous face!! What A Beauty!! 10/10/10!!

BTW Halena...I'd LOVE to make your "dream" come true! ;o)

Pre-pubescent Christina Hendricks.

Hey Viking,
I fell asleep after the first 20 pics....what an absolutely boring and blah set of pics....come on guys, this Tuesday looks like a crappy Monday to me.

My my, aren't we spoiled? Granted, this set could be more explicit, I wish those amazing lips would open up a bit. But really, "fell asleep?" If true, my condolences- perhaps some testosterone would help?

More of Halena would be great, but a bit more daring would be even better!

Like I said to newcoyote, Halena is in serious need of some "Deployed Butterfly" poses. But boring? F-NO!

Halena so darn cute she even makes ducklips look good!!! (See # 43 & 44)

Am I the only one a bit bored here?

It's a bit like having an opera singer sing Mary had a little lamb. She has one of the most spectacular labia of all the models but hardly show it.

I'm not bored at all, but I will agree with newcoyote about the nice labia.

Halena needs a "Deployed Butterfly" pose or two added to her portfolio. I'll add her to my wish list for "most due for DB pose".

Is that a rhetorical question, or are you seriously looking for fellow ingrates??

I don't know if you're the only one, but I have to wonder how one could possibly be bored with naked Halena... just goes to prove "dif'rent strokes for dif'rent folks."

Is this a repeat set?

Only if you look at it twice...;o)

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