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Yes, the pictures are bright mchltxxx, but it's a style. Called "high-key", used for decades by many famous photographers. I happen to like it, sorry you don't. In my humble opinion, Helen's jaw-dropping labia makes up for any problems you may have with the lighting technique.

So completely overexposed I needed sunglasses to view it without pain!

Since there is no formal place for general comments I guess I'll put this here since everyone always views Ry's sets. A couple of this about todays sets. Let's see a minor ? about a models "real" name. Close to record on the # of comments on one set with Delta's offering. Ry remains aloof. But delivers a great set. But what about this according to winkapedia MET-Art (originally Most Erotic Teens). If so where have we come, grown, etc. No model is a teen, two of them from today are listed as 27 years old and one "old" lady is 28. Thus the site has matured along with it's models. All the of the old ladies are still without question still some of the most beautiful women in world. These ladies would make you believe that late 20's in the new 19. Thank you Met-Art....

Amen to that 'swplf2'! Indeed, many of Met-Art's 'Most-Erotic Teens' have matured into full-blown "GODDESSES"! I do believe we may be witnessing a 'Met-Renaissance' in full bloom?

Htlan Has a perfection of face and body that may be matched, but never beaten.Rylsky has captured her perfectly. I am not normally a fan of bathroom pictures, but how can I pass up perfection?

I meant Helen, of course but I am fighting an urge to restmy eyes, a problem we old farts have from time to time

Too tame.............

Two words come to mind: "absolute" and "goddess"...in that order.

Helen is a beautiful girl with wonderful blue eyes, kissable lips and hypnotic nether regions. A fantastic set, much better than I expected it to be when I started exploring—though with Rylsky I should know better.

I think this is a wonderful set of images. 101 lovely photos of this beautiful, cute little sweetheart. Helen is new to me. But she seems to be very talented and experienced. Very nice.

I agree with you, dear Mr. Nail : this girl is very nice. She deserves to be taken in the much better photo set with natural color and light.

So many ID pictures in a row! I think Helen's passport has expired.

It's easy to criticise, why not focus on the good? I personally think this is a great set and Helen looks wonderful.

Helen is a lovely, petite woman with downy hair, mmm, mmm, mmm. She may be petite in height and weight; but there is nothing petite about her fantastic outer labia and prominent inner labia as highlighted in #70 et al. Nor is there anything petite about her beautiful derriere. Thanks to Helen and Rylsky. With Rylsky absent from the commenting scene I wonder who we can ask if there any any more collaborations from this duo in the works.

Perhaps K can fill us in?

A Ry, the Mystery Man, now he can just tease us, keep us guessing. And longing for his return to us...

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