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nice squats and standing poses nice butt shots but I want too see the girls pose with there face looking between there legs looking at me that is a hot pose I like all kind of poses like that

Regardless of poses & exposure, Helen is simply stunning. She has the most beautiful eyes & an extremely sensuous mouth. The rest is simply sensational - beautiful full breasts and nipples, a lovely derriere and a pair of long shapely legs...

Be nice to see her in some nice white panties next time!

I love Helen. She's just perfection to me.

Leonardo provides us a treasure trove of awesome frontal, feet up spreads in a wicker chair. To put a naked woman in a chair and photograph her without making her spread with her feet up for the viewer is a waste of time. This is a GREAT photo set!

I am a Leo fan and enjoy most of his poses. I think that you can use a nice pose several times, but would have to agree not in the same setting. I am sad also to agree with the too much light concern. This set was a let down for me because of the quality of the photos and not the quality of the model.

Helen is always stunning. Surely the angels in heaven envy her beauty. Perfect in every way.

Overall I thought this set wasn't too bad. The sunlight got through in some photos and caused exposure problems. The white sweater was a poor choice of colors, and Helen could have teased us a little more with it. But the worst problem was the large number of repetitive, nearly identical photos. All said, Helen gave us many great views of her delicious hot body!!!

As I've said before, outdoor shoots in the sun should only be attempted by photographers with the technical know-how. Leo's done better than this and I've certainly seen worse, from him and others. The biggest problem I have with this set is the lack of imagination with the poses. 105 pictures with about 4 or 5 different poses...a bit monotonous. Helen surely is delicious, but she has to take some of the blame for this one. Unless, of course, Leo 'directed' the whole thing as well...which I kinda doubt. High hopes for next time! Keep her inside please.

Where's my previous comment? This set by Leo is rubbish. Over exposed, washed out and unimaginative. I'm here to see quality, world class material. Some of these sets are sub standard and shouldn't even be considered for publication on a site such as this.

Please put some editorial standards in place.

One of the most extraordinary beauties in met wasted by a photographer who hasn´t been able to capture all the magic of this fantastic creature.I agree.This is rubbish.Too many megapixels but no heart.Helen,10 as always.

Helen is so luscious. Beautiful curves, gorgeous pussy. 110% woman!

Pity that Leo completely destroyed the images. Way too much white and brightness washing out most of the images. Enough with posing on the chair for most of the set. There really is a limited amount you can do.

If I was the editor previewing this set I would have thrown it back at Leo and told him to try again and put some profession pride and effort into it.

Helen's beauty is completely wasted on this set. Really, the standard of some of this stuff is woeful.

Always lovely to look at you Helen!

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