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Cute girl; ugly tattoo......I HATE THEM!!!!


a great, awful shoes.

Well, 6 more pages. Maybe she takes them off.


More shots of her butthole please!!

I started with the seventh picture in this set and was immediately disappointed to find it out of focus even in the medium resolution version. Helen does have a gorgeous figure but this set doesn't do much for me.

Re Proctor Guard. In my view - saying the set doesn't do much for me is actually giving the set rather more praise than I think is warranted. My view is that this set does absolutely nothing for me whatsoever. That said, does anyone really have high expectations when they see this photographers name coming up on future shoots anyway, whoever the model is? I never do!

I agree, Leonardo = out of focus pussy shots! Buy some glasses please. If I were on hyour side of the camera with a beautiful pink pussy inches away, I would take my time and make sure I had those beautiful lips in focus!!!! :) Now go get some glasses and send me the bill, I will pay for them!! :)

I agree. helen is a lovely model, but this set is not even worth the time to download it!

I think it's unfair to say that I'd judge a photo set based purely on the photographer. Just as a good photographer can make a fair model exceptional, a good model can also enhance the work of the photographer. But I do wonder how much pride can be shown by displaying unfocused pictures. It doesn't do anyone any favors.

Not a classic. Too bright but pleasing set .Helen is gorgeous and there is a stunning rear shot.

I´m a true lover of Helen.I enjoy watching her amazing body,her charming smile,but is difficult to feel her essence right in this set.Take a look
at the sets"Chiamare" and "Nostalgia" by Karl Sirmi.Great.This is pure Helen at the highest level,and in an adequate environment:a bedroom.Not a good idea shooting such a precious creature with a wide open window as a background.Add poor and uneven lighting,weird angles,tilted camera,and this set is a torture.A sample book of how not to do justice to one of the
top ten Met models,the best in my humble opinion.Love you Helen!

..."one of the top ten Met models"? I like Helen too, but with just the slightest bit of 'homework' (clicking on the 'models' link at the top of the page), you'll discover that Helen's 'ranking' doesn't even put her in the top 150! The lowest-ranking model in the 'first' 150 is at 8.99 and Helen is at 8.98. With so many models on the site, some very attractive girls are not ranked as high as others, or as they could be. We all have a favorite that we think is ranked way too low. And I guess a few of us have a favorite that we 'think' is ranked much higher than she actually is... Just a 'heads-up'...;o)

If a model is in my personal top ten, I might be tempted to write "one of the top ten" with out the qualifier "in my opinion. Lighten up rocky!

I agree about others having less than perfect taste to suite me in my choice of " the best of the Met girls". I think some jokers sit in the dark and low-ball really fantastic babes, just to make themselves feel important?

Brilliant set, Helen is simply stunning and gifts us some fabulous views and seems to be having a laugh in the process, great to see.

Leonardo really does seem to have a thing for balconies.

I've got a thing for Leonardo ON balconies...near the edge...backing up...;o)

Gorgeous woman with a smoking hot body!!! I luved all the spread leg views of her beautiful pussy!!! Focus is off in some shots, but still a nice set.

You are right, the idea for a great poses is there, just not in focus. Kind of like a skeet shooter who looks great and has a high dollar gun, but can't hit the side of a barn! LOL
I will still by Leonardo a set of glasses and he can send me the bill, I'll gladyly pay it.

All these fantastic girls coming to him to be exposed to the world and then he can't focus his camera! What is the world of porn coming to???



Would have been great if the shoes had stayed home!

What? No one complained about the jewlery in this shoot? :)

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