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How I hate these shoes! I want to see naked models, which means NO SHOES! But she is gorgeous and the pictures and poses are great.

Why change the hair style? I like more curly hair, not straight.. Also too much make-up IMHO

Helen is the definition of a woman

I like the heels in every shot

She keeps her shoes on the entire time? Crap set. Understand this, please: you can easily engage people who enjoy the heels as well as those who like a girl completely naked by taking lots of photos of the model with both. Wearing heels and barefoot. This set is mediocre.

Photos too modest and many are blurry.

Terribly underrated. She deserves better photography....

Une fille magnifique que je vais noter au maximum possible et à qui j' envoie quelques caresses et autres câlins

Very nice set of a gorgeous woman! Helen never fails to please and arouse.

Maybe give this girl a cup of coffee before her next shoot. She looks like she needs a nap. Great body but the sleepy eyes are not sexy.

I like the pouty, confident attitude that Helen projects.......well, that, and her gorgeous face and rockin' body.

Helen has a pretty face and a beautiful body!

And she is horribly under-rated

I agree! I have no idea why she is not higher.

The 'lazy eye' is a horrible distraction. I don't know if it is an attempt to look sexy, or if it is just the way her eyes are, but in photo after photo the one half-opened eye detracts from her otherwise amazing presence.

Helen is perfect! The set could have been better. I always get disappointed when there are not more full body pics. I just love the entire female body, especially hers.

I see lots of full body shots in this set. What's missing is ANY close-ups. I'm not looking for a 'gynecology lesson', but a few would be what would have improved this set as far as I'm concerned.

Come on,vote Helen,she is obviously underrated.Helen,i love you.For me there's no other woman as perfect.

The seller

Helen is a sultry beauty. I like her great eyebrows, shapely breasts, great butt, and love handles.

love handles?? you're kidding, right?

Maybe he means hips??

Helen is class, sexy, lovely brown eyes super hot bod 10/10

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