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Helen is drop dead gorgeous stunningly delicious

As Professor Headlopper studied his history books about ancient peoples of the world and Hollywood's attempts to react the stories. He came across the story of Helen of Trouble. Helen of Trouble likes to visit Italy and stir up trouble with her beauty. They assign guards to her to keep her out of trouble. Helen of Trouble try's to find trouble were ever she goes. Men's Achilles Heel is her beauty and the spells she cast upon unsuspecting men. One look from her and they turn to stone like Medusa turned men to stone. Her beauty can turn men into pillars of stone with just a casual glance. If they stare to long at her beauty they become rock hard pillars of stone. The only known cure for this is to use the Headlopper spell on her and take her head off. Once you have removed her head the you can work on that pillar of stone her beauty cause you too have.
Lecture # 1 on how to deal with Helen of Trouble

If anyone needs an example of "smokey eyes" this woman has them. Sometimes her coy little smile says "I'm available" but her eyes say "I REALY want you." Great model and very good set.

This girl is smokin' hot. Great set!

Gorgeous girl with a really hot body!!! I loved all the panty shots...so sexy!!!

Lovely natural breasts and a beautiful pussy. Very sexy woman.

In my opinion.... This set illustrates Helen's smoldering sensuality. I would love to know the thoughts motivating the poses in images 67 and 99.... recalling a delicious and tender tryst with an equally tactile lover?

She is epic indeed... "Helen" is a perfectly appropriate name for this enchantress.
I gotta agree with hayley, Helen is looking better than ever.

Shot #23 so sexy and demure, innocent, teasing!

This woman captivates me in a way no other girl can do it.In my opinión,she has everything it takes to drive any man crazy,and
i specially enjoy seeing her photographed by Karl Sirmi.It´s
a treat,and an excellent work,thanks,Helen and Karl.

The seller

Helen drives me crazy!! She is sensationally beautiful. Karl Sirmi also drives me crazy - but for a different reason. He want's to go back to school, study biology, with a Masters in the Female Anatomy. He apparently knows sweet F-A about female sexuality.

The most sexually attuned organ in a woman, is her brain. If you can't stimulate that, you will never succeed in stimulating her second most sexually attuned organ which is her genitals. (Men are different. A woman just has to look at a bloke, his dick stands up and his brain takes a holiday):-)

So, you dick-heads, looking at the images of Helen, how much do you now think Karl stimulated her brain? Helen didn't really want to be there. And that's a fact. Proof? Check out Rylsky's latest work here on Met-Art with Zelda B.

These girls are NOT department-store dummies. They're ALL human beings, presenting themselves to a possible 1.5 million viewers. Most sit for more than one or two series, because they enjoy the thought of seducing that number of viewers.

Helen here, is not among those girls.

Helen is HOT! More so than I think i've ever seen her before. Her expression has been brilliantly captured here.
And can I just add, drop dead gorgeous lingerie. I'm glad to see something so pretty got the time deserved in front of the camera. My favourite Helen set to date. Keep this coming!

I am your only (current) detractor. While I agree with pretty much everything you've said about HELEN, her lingerie et al, she just needs a photographer with a little knowledge of the female anatomy.

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