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beautiful face, ass and i love her boobs too, shape & nipples. very lovely lady

Awesome woman, Statuesque, Beautiful, Mixed ethnicity, Perfect Skin, Built like a Black Woman!

Helen is a quite stunning dark eyed beauty.

The photography is superb & allows us to enjoy Helen's beautiful full breasts and nipples, not to mention her other incredible dark assets...

More of this awesome babe please..x

Great set, loved the bow tie great addition to it all, perfect bottom and anus,........she must have been drunk as a sailor when she got that tattoo done, such a shame, what is it supposed to be? ... Thanks for showing off your perfect body anyway!

THIS is what is meant by "bedroom eyes".

If I had to choose a way to die,my last wish would be to gather all my energy,even the slightlest
blow,and die of exertion making love to this extraordinary creature.She is by far the woman I like
the most among those I ve known or seen anywhere.Helen,I give you a ten and everything you ask
me to.

The seller

It would not have killed her to keep the heels on for a few more shots.

Too bad --

I'm glad to see Helen again, I could watch her far more often, she is so beautiful. and Flora does such a great job of photography.


Uber fox!

Nelly has the world's sweetest smile. ( :
I think the bowtie brought out her inner silly. Absolutely adorable!

That's "Helen" NOT Nelly! Jeez, I think I got girls on the brain. ( :


Hi Flora, by the way!

Hi fer_realz! How are you?

I'm doing well, Flora, thanks for asking.
It's great to see you taking part in the conversation! I know you've been doing it for awhile but I haven't personally welcomed you yet, so please consider this your welcome from me!

Helen is a lovely girl with beautiful breasts, a charming smile and absolutely riveting dark eyes.

I love those dark brown eyes!

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