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A stunningly beautiful woman

Damn, if you take your clothes off then take the Chain Necklace off!

This woman is SO BEAUTIFUL, she'd make a smoldering pile of Bull-Crap look and feel like a COOL, REFRESHING, OASIS in the desert!!!

So now we can only agree with comments? No more thumbs down for the ridiculous and absurd??? I'm puzzled by this developement... When did this happen? HOW did this happen!? This takes half the fun out of visiting... This is a good set...I love Helen!

No more thumbs down, they took that away about a month ago or so.

They should either take or leave both of them. Doesn't make sense to leave just one.

For thew record --

NO tattoo, please. Airbrush all of them.

Airbrush your ass dread!!! MORE tattoos!!! lol ;o) I'm baaaaack!!

Ha ha!
I figure I knew what I was doing when I got my tattoo and I was only 20 years old... I am sure these models know exactly what they're doing when they get theirs.
I want people to give me the basic respect of assuming I'm an adult and can tattoo my body if I choose ~ so I extend the same consideration to the models.
I may not LIKE their tattoos, but if THEY like them, that's what's really important.

Exactly! It's called "freedom of expression"..

Helen´s body is,in my humble opinión,a sacred temple that should not ever
be profaned by a stupid tattoo.This girl is in fact the girl I like the most,and I find her desire to be tattoed doesen´t match the confident,wicked or even classy look that she kindly shows in all her sets.It´s just a matter of a ridiculous fashion,like piercings in the tongue or the nipples.She is very Young still and doesn´t realize these kind of things.Anyway her beauty needs no understanding,It´s enough by itself.So why worry.Love you,Helen.

The seller

Sixteen thumbs down!!


Whatever a woman chooses to do with her body is her right, that's my view. If that was not the case then we may very well not be enjoying the sight of these girls showing themselves off naked. Because some authority- the state, the church, whoever- will decree women must not do this, that it is wrong or immoral. If a woman- yes, even a young woman- chooses to have a tattoo or a piercing or put on weight or lose weight or colour her hair or shave her head or grow her pubic hair out or wax it all off, that is her choice. And if there is a suggestion that the choices are being made for her, that she is impressionable and naive, then that seems to me an insult to the woman. Women have their own minds, can make their own choices, just like men, and just like men they can live to regret those choices. That's life!

Oh.and I forgot to say she´s blatantly underscored.Come on guys!Doensn´t that
absolute hyperbeauty captivate you?.I would give all I got just to have a cup
of coffee beside her,shit...

The seller

Gee the chain is really sexy.

beautiful body what a nice lovely ass

beautiful body what a nice lovely ass

Once again Helen is demonstrating why she is a perfect 10 in my book,Mr Simi has posed her beautifuly and I love the perfect background.

Hello, Bad girl. What happened to your tattoo? We all know you that are a very good looking bad girl and we love you for it! Come back as you are, please!

This was perfect all around. Should be given 10+!

This was perfect all around. Should be given 10+!

I love her big smile, especially when she shows a lot of teeth! When she is almost laughing (like in picture 103) her beauty increases exponentially.

For all her assets ~ and she has a LOT ~ Helen's warmth is her greatest. ( :

For the second time tonight...Why photoshop her tramp stamp we have seen it in detail on Sex so why hide it here.

We,ve seen it here also in some of her other sets. You know how I feel about airbrushing - I really wish they would not do it here. Helen has a tattoo, so what? I'd rather see the real Helen than an edited one.


This slightly older Ukrainian doll could have filled in for their Miss Universe, Miss Ukraine (Who by the way finished in the top ten tonight.) Classic style, classic look. great set.

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