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Even on hands and knees... or with knees spread... Helen is the embodiment of elegant, sophisticated, yet still totally desirable, sexuality.
She looks so appealing, yet is always every inch the lady.

My Compliments to the photographer... Made the model shine and her beauty was the only subject

perfect beauty a stunningly sexy angel

I loved this set. To think of how may times we have seen a beautiful nude woman on a couch, and to see how Leonardo still seemed to make this seem fresh and new is amazing. Seeing her wonderful face, to her flawless figure, and down to those sexy feet was heaven. Great job.

I love this dark beauty. Decent set. Glad they didn't edit out her lower back tattoo this time.

I know this may not be the proper place for this comment, but I felt compelled to "share" with all of you --

I just learned of the death of the actor Peter O'Toole on Saturday, in London, at the age of 81. And I am greatly saddened by his passing.

In my many years I have never come across another actor that could carry off Henry II the way he did. I was extremely fortunate to obtain tickets to the Hollywood premier of "The Lion In Winter" in 1968, and I have seen very few screen preformances that could equal that power and intensity.

Ridiculous though it may seem, as long as he was alive, I always felt that there was among us a man of free spirit, grace, and integrity.

I can't speak for anyone else, but by me, he will be sorely missed.

Agree! A great actor has passed. All the old greats are passing one by one...with few equally-gifted replacements at the ready.

Agreed, although he isn't what comes to my mind when looking at beautiful nude women. Except maybe when I think of "Caligula"! Yes, there aren't many living, famous actors who are of the class of Peter O'Toole. Films have changed so much, and the talent has changed for the worse. Money ruins everything. At least we have his art.

❤ the dimple in her chin...along with everything else!

this set is just covered with honey! very tasty.

Image 44 shows Helen in the classic 'pose', as desired by leg/feet lovers. Met-Art, please continue to show models in this most wonderful position.

4 stunners in one day .Monday just got better !! :-)

Looking great Helen. Great set of pictures.

PS I like the lighting in this set and the glint in Helen's eyes.

Helem is a perfect beauty. She has the loveliest eyes, breasts and butt.I do think the set would have been even better if the bedspread had not been so busy,and the black rose belt was a good idea, but it shouldn't hsve poped in and out of the set.

What black rose belt. I didn't notice. Too busy looking at they eye candy Helen gave us. Thank you Helen for a great set. You look marvelous !

Hi Favorito That's precisely objected to the belt. It's a distraction from Helen's beauty the way it is used, and it could have been a great accessory to Helen's dark beauty

I meant Helen of course

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