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You drive me crazy, Helen :)

a little less photoshop please ^^

Helen,you´re getting too thin

The seller

Beautiful big eyes and an incredible pussy.

Helen is a 10! Anyone else notice that he photoshopped something (maybe a tattoo? off on the top of her left foot and also perhaps lower back just above her hips?

You are correct, sir.

Curiously, if you look at some of her other sets, you'll see 3 separate tattoos on Helen's lower back, tramp stamp style. Some sets/sites show them, some don't. It gives one pause to wonder if we're not seeing temporary tattoos, at least on her lower back. After all, who would be nuts enough to get two previous "permanent" tattoos removed only to have yet another one in the very same place?

God -- I LUUUUUUUV this woman !!

Number 13 is a deal closer !

Couldn't agree with you more, she's a sweetheart.

Erik Latika has done a perfect job of showcasing Helen's beauty. Even the curtain on the wall,(or tapestry, I'm not sure of the term, I just know from a Russian friend it's normal, because at -20F or -30F drafts are killers.)are the perfect colors to set off Helen's beauty Both Mr.Latika and Helen get 10+

Perfection all around!!!!!!!!!

I think I'll give her a 10. By the way - bedroom is the best background for a lovely girl.

I really like Helen's eyebrows, shapely breasts, sizeable labia and delicious derriere.

Thanks to both Helen and Erik for this pleasant visit.

Wonderful poses of a beautiful girl. You almost feel the whole body.
Especially the poses with the head down. You think of some "dirty" plays...

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