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Excellent photography.

maybe too soft, but anyway Helen is always beautiful and have a perfect, slender figure. Why not try next time the set with really hottie pants?

Helen's arse is a work of art, utter perfection.

BOOOOOOOOOOORING !!! this is like kid shit.. Let's see some PUSSY LIPS SPREAD WIDE OPEN

Not here... Not very often. If that's what you're expecting, you wasted your money.

Helen is trying to send me a message with her tramp stamp...I'm guessing her phone number!

" S A I N T "

Guess the Saints have fans everywhere!

I love the rosary beads around her neck.

Lose the stupid necklace and get the hair out of the way. This set is a waste of a good model.

I totally love Helen and see why the world, specially the E.U., wants more contact with the Ukraine. Helen is totally beautiful even though Leonardo screws up. I gave Helen her 10++++, this is not her fault.

P.S. Helen has had a 10 on he home page ever since I saw her. I never mind a tattoo placed in the small of the model's back if its a size she can hide with her butt,like Helen's. I said what I meand,Helen would have a 10 is she was being shot by a 4-yr old who polished off a 6 pack of red bull and was using box cam from Rite Aid.

If you gave this set a 10, you gave it to the "artist"...not the model. The only rating effecting her directly is the rating on her "home page".

(As I understand the rating system...)

Helens awesome Beauty 10/10 Perfect

Anyone else see a similarity between Helen and the actress Emmy Rossum?

Don't believe I've seen any disgusting "tats" on Amy --

But then, I haven't made a study of her, either.

a little...

Emmy who???

Oh yeah!

First, Helen is one of my favorite dark-haired, dark-eyed beauties. She always seems to present a smile and usually works well with the camera.

That being said, this set done by Leonardo does her absolutely no justice.

1) The aqua colored background is a great color mismatch for Helen's overall skin tone.
2) Leonardo (or, if he has staff members) have no ability to see & edit photos for obvious flaws i.e. lens flares & lighting bleeds both on- and off- camera: e.g. #s 5, 62, 64, 83, 85, 89, 91 & 105. Absolutely inexcusable.
3) Repetitive poses; e.g. #s 67-70, 127, 129, 130, 131, 132 & 144 to name but a few.

Not to mention the continuous breast squeezing. Those are wonderfully God-given assets for Helen, not a pair of melons from the market.

I've seen these flaws/oversights in previous sets from Leonardo but this set just goes way beyond the pale of decent erotic photography.

Helen should do herself a favor and quit booking with him.

Finally, Helen my dear, you're way too good looking to have this kind of thing done to you but you're always still one of my favorite models to appear here.

My vote: Helen 9+ Leonardo -2

Seldom does Leonardo do ANY model any justice... He has his moments, but they've become few and far between.

That being said and after actually looking at the set, it's not at all bad. Like most all others, it could use some "touch-up", but overall...nice. And by "touch-up", I don't mean photoshopping! And speaking of that, I'd also like to thank SOMEONE for leaving her "tramp stamp", although I detest that term!!(obviously coined by a "tat hater"). Helen always looks great too! Not a keeper for me, but a nice set.

Shooting a model against this color background generally causes their overall skin tone to look kind of off-color and picks up the bluish-green instead of the normal pinkish tone (it's been my experience in the past with models). Green also does this.

Leonardo's sets usually look to me like they're a "take-a-number next please!" kind of operation. Like "How many women can I run through today?" Really rushed.

Would love to see what Helen would look like shot by someone like Arkisi or Catherine or Rylsky.

After taking a closer look at her "tramp stamp" (SAINT) and the use of the rosary beads as a necklace I took a look at some of her older sets and noticed something odd. In some older sets, her "tramp stamp" appears to be a partial sideways rosary and then in some the word SAINT. Could it be possible these are "temporary" tattoos changed at her whim?

If you look at her set "FIDELIS" at #86 you'll see that there's a stylized rosary image on her lower back but there's definitely another "image" underneath it. Maybe it's just PhotoShopped out and another image dropped in on top of it, but it definitely looks like there was something else under it.

Also, she's wearing another rosary as a necklace so there might be some sort of "religious" thing going on with her.

Gorgeous model with an incredible body

A delightful set. Absolutely. A delightful set.

Love the shorts and...

I think this squeezing the breasts with both hands so often looks disadvantageous.

Think of having your face in-between them when she does that and if it still is, to whom it would be disadvantageous?

"Self exams"??? ;o)

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