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What a cutie, with a perfect magnetic smile and lovely hair!

this little beauty never came back. Who dropped the ball?

I know, it's always such a disappointment when a natural ~ for whatever reason ~ turns out to be a a one-hit-wonder. I wonder if she posed for other sites or if this is it?

I'm going to fall in love with this girl.

What could have been really fantastic photos of a very beautiful woman are ruined by overexposure, and poor focus. Most photographers here should take their cameras off auto-focus, and auto exposure settings and apply the skills of their trade. Taking large quantities of poorly shot photos does not make a good photographer, however lucky they are to be able to do it.

congrats to hilary really confident & relaxed for first shoot, so sexy, georgeous woman well done, look forward to more

Oh my, what a beauty .... a 10+ ....first new model to rattle my sensibilities in several months. Hilary just oozes classy feminity with her lustrous hair, perfect face, deep mysterious eyes, and fine flawless skin ....but its her awesome perfect breasts and nipples that drew my attention. Yes, she has a wonderful body (all over), but it is her breasts that blew me away. Talented photography of an unbelievable model. Well done, MetArt.

Hellooo beautiful! Goodness gracious, Talk about making an entrance!

Awesome, awesome new model! Sensational debut! Can not wait to see more of Hilary! Hope she's planning on making a career out of glamour modeling, 'cuz she is special!

Gorgeous, sexy girl!!! I luv her smooth pussy!!! A few more shots like 18 and 19, but in a more classic doggy pose would have been a good addition. And a few more like 23 with her looking at the camera would have been nice too!

where do you start with the accolades for this stunning beauty; perfect in every way.................blown away!!

poor quality what?

Oh yea, this is what I am talking about. Excellent photography, sexy poses, great setting, very beautiful and sexy model. Excellent set.

Beautiful new girl, nicely photographed in a seductive setting. I look forward to more from her.

The photography leaves a bit to be desired, but -- as pointed out -- the simplicity of the shoot has merit. I would have liked a few full-figure standing shots to get a better feel for her shape. However, if this girl will stay with it, she's going to be a big hit. She's got the face, the smile, and the body. I look forward to seeing many more sets.

Gorgeous girl with amazing skin, sultry eyes, and an awesome figure. Certainly keep more of this one coming, please.

Good start. I would have liked the shooter to have gone around to the front on the two shots where Hilary has her hips hiked up, I like seeing a girl's pussy thrust up waiting for my lips! :) Plus next time a butterfly would be most welcome. Welcome to MetArt Hilary

Gorgeous! What a lovely smile she has and those boobs are just fabulous.

Take out the 'explicit' shots, and it kinda has a late 50's, early 60's feel, with the overall simplicity, the red room, the round bed.

Very Pretty, Distinctive features, lovely. Photography only OK.

Hilary is very attractive, hoping to see many more appearances.

Welcome gorgeous! Spectacular debut. Luscious in every way.

wow !!

hot Babe,poor Quality

poor quality what?

As in too much aerial photography. The close-in shots are great but the rest were apparently taken from the top of a very long crane.

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