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great gallery, fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful girl & just luv to see that pussy all spread wide open, yum yum lick lick

4 months away and Metart never ceases to amaze me with a new models Hilda A is just simply stunningly beautiful Arkisi captured her very well with this sensual debute series as a female i totaly adore the way the use of of the soft lighing captured Hilda's sexy body i simply loved the way she lays on the patch worked cover of the lounge in images 67-70 casualy highlighting both of her sexy body,lovely small breast and her gorgeous face and sexy eyes I also loved her lying on the lounge in images 81-84 with a hand on her hip going to the next image cupping her breast gently showing her pink labia lips have to adore Arkisi's close ups of shots of her gorgeous face,breasts in image 62 loved her sexy,sensual poses the light enhancing her body and gorgeous pink labia lips i'm totaly impressed with this lovely debute series from both Hilda A and Arkisi Thank You Metart for finding such lovely new talent :(

Great debut...even greater model!! Hilda is just gorgeous!! Many more to come I hope.

Hot, nasty cunt shots; this girl know what we want! Editor: thanks for letting this girl stretch her cunt open. Would the world end if you let her pull back her hood?

Everybody ok with her nails,feet, and hair? Little smudge on one nail that I saw. Really desroyed a perfect set with the hottest pussy I've seen lately. Just kidding. Great set. Do you guys really have problems with nails,hair and feet? Is your girlfriend perfect? Or are you for that matter?

Dick stiffening goodness

An 11 of a set.

Wonderful set! I loved all of the close ups, especially of her anus and vagina all spread out. I really enoyed jacking off to her!

Judging by all the "thumbs down" you got Mr. Shackleton, I'd hazard to guess that you gave us a bit "too much information" aka TMI. We really don't need to hear about it!

I'm still seeing pink spots!

Once in a while, a model comes around that is unusually attractive below, and in such a case, Arkisi is definitely your photog to bring out those features. I feel guilty pointing out her nice vulva when Hilda has so much more to offer, but Damn, she is hot. I'm awed by this excellent set. I want to see her again next month, for sure.

The comment on the hair is addressed to the photographer not to the model.
To you we say Welcome! Beautiful Hilda, we are happy to see you on MetArt.

I'm not a hair fetishist.
I'm not at all attracted to the disheveled hair.
We make sure that the hair will serve to enhance a beautiful face not to offend a beautiful body
It is absurd to prefer the hair to a florid breast.

Couldn't agree more with the comments, this set is über-hot, very erotic and exciting poses and Hilda is absolutely gorgeous. I had to laugh about the comment about moving to Ukraine. Really, how is it that that part of the world has SO many hot women? Good thing the USSR fell apart!

Sultry, seductive and clearly not shy in front of the camera. Very nice!

Thanks, Arkisi and Hilda. Excellent erotic photography.

Arkisi has a gift for choosing both the right model and right photographs.

Epic set.

Instant Erection, Butterfly clitoris, Girl Cum, Wet pussy, PINK PINK Pussy, Puffy Nipples, Blue Eyes, long curly hair, Edible Clitoris, Edible Pussy, Deep anal, tong that ass hole, Round Ass, Beautiful Body.

Those are "tags", not a "comment". And "butterfly clitoris"..."girl cum"????
What are you...12 yrs old??

Umm ... did you like the shoot? LOL

Now we know where all those tags come from...

And a pretty good idea of his age...

A very hot addition to the MetArt lineup! Still, I'd like to bitch slap photographers who cover up the goodies when photographing long-haired models.

I completely agree with the comment about the hair. Used carefully, it can complement the appeal of the model, but when it is just all over the place, it is in the way and becomes simply annoying to the average viewer.

"average viewer"!!?? HERE!?? Now see here my good man....

Great model with a great attitude. Hot, sexy labia. But lose the jewelry and control the hair.

Holy freaking God....I'm moving to the Ukraine.

Hilda...are are pretty much perfection. Welcome and thank you! God, I love the internet!!

I vote for a new set from Hilda every day. Can we please make this happen?

We can if you dial back on the god stuff...;o)

If not a new set every day, at least a new one every week. Asombroso mujer!

Cha-ching! Wow, Beeeautiiful! Such a lovely, sweet face, piercing blue eyes and that awesome body! Whatta an "Opening debut" and I can see that she's excitado y humedeciendo, too! Hot Hilda! Thank you!

Lovely girl, HOT spread poses. Great set. Need more poses like this with other models.

With a sexy rear like that Hilda A has got to be a winner .

You have to love 18 year old bodies!!!!

I do??..... YES! I DO!! Please send in the first three! lol

Welcome to Met, you look beautiful!

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