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"The Ukraine girls really knock me out, they leave the west behind..."

Hilda is an incredible stunner. But then she's Ukranian and I understand Ukranian girls are cursed like that. Maybe that's why she is so under rated, with an 8! The only excuse I can think of is that the viewers were stricken blind and stupid. Of course guys who see Hilda nude can wind up like that.

I agree, seadog, Hilda is definitely underrated. Hopefully that oversight will be corrected as she returns periodically (I'm crossing my fingers).

Gorgeous pussy and labia!

Hilda's first set last month blew me away, and this one shows it was no fluke. Another beauty with long wavy hair today. Hilda has a very photogenic face and overall appeal. Arkisi is definitely the guy to shoot this sexy model, always including proper coverage of her very pink area. Excellent set.


After going thru her debute series Arkisi surely knows how to show Hilda A's stunningly beautiful body,sexy face,as per image 28 both the setting and highlighting Hilda's Beautiful body very well in wonderful sexy poses as per images # 111-113 priceless have to agree with fer_realz and raschbak Hilda A is a stunning Ukrian beauty hope to see her in the future with MetArt and a movie would be lovely too Arkisi has a knack for bring out the best of MetArt's models within his movies....

Gad, I'd love a movie, though it might well put me in the hospital... LOL ( :

Gotta give it up for Hilda; she's got the confidence in her own beauty and no fear of sharing. Kudos to Arkisi as well for this spectacular set.
Sequence of photos # 92 - 98 looks sooo yummy...

WOW! I wasn't here for her first set, but I'll sure be here for all future sets!! What a gorgeous face!! There HAS to be something in that Ukrainian water!! They almost have a monopoly on gorgeous girls!!! I just may have to look at retirement villas there...;o) This set is just as good as the first one... And that was GRRREAT!! Welcome Hilda...please make yourself comfortable and stay a while... :o)

And allow me to add MAGNIFICENT!

...and "spectacular" fits, too... ( ;

Pick a superlative, any superlative! lol

Ha ha! Too bad the list is so short... ( ;

Hilda is back to confirm that the epidemic of beautiful women in Ukraine has still not run its course. She is still a teenager, but as this lovely set shows, she's maturing rapidly and gorgeously. xoxoxo

I just noticed 'my' "triple set" (xoxoxo) there sailor. It seems we have even more in common than I first thought. I use that every day, if not with my daughter, with my best friend...(female! ;o) from whence it originated with me...her birthday is 3/3. Salute!! Bears?? Broncos?? Hilda's pussy??? LOL

But not the Broncos.

Hilda's pussy, definitely.

That's a big 10-4 good buddy!! lol

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