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Love her but why do you always have to drown lovely pictures of girls breasts with naff bling?

Sterenn means "star" in breton (old celtic langage from NW of France). The name of the set might just be a coincidence with her necklace, but Indiana truly shines as a star.

Soap suds,why oh why do you wnat obliterate such a delicious body ???

I'm a paying customer just like you and so I'm not stating what I like for your benefit. I'm stating it for my benefit and hoping others even if maybe a few share it so that the site features more girls with armpit stubble. If that's a problem with you then go complain to the owners and they can decide which of us get blocked from the site. As to what my secret is it's none of your fucking business. That's why it's my secret. I could assume that "rockhard" comes from your viagra but then again thats your business.
Thank you

LOL You must be very proud of this lengthy and "blistering" response to my comment to post it on Lily's set today too! Sorry I touched an obviously raw nerve on the subject of armpit hair...lol A count of the "thumbs up/thumbs down" however, shows that I am not the only person here that's responding to your "fetish" as a bit.....unusual shall we say..? As for my handle, your assumption is erroneous. I don't have to poison my body to become aroused, and hope the same for you...;o) And don't worry, your secret is safe, I would never tell your wife that you're a member here....;o) And I don't think anyone will be getting "blocked from the site" for having a little fun.
Peace and Happy Viewing...:o)

Boys, boys, boys... behave yourselves lest I have to send you both to your rooms for a "time out"... and no computer access for a week!

Indiana just drains me! I am wasted for the rest of the day after looking at her beauty. What a beautiful woman, both inside and outside. I would love to hear her voice, I would think that would add another sexy element to her allure. Perhaps a sexy video is coming soon?

Indiana, your smile and good looks are of real pleasures to behold.

I thank you for all mankind for allowing us to view your naked body. :)

To iluvsex and anyone else who may be unaware, Indiana speaks at the end of the video titled "Organica". Check it out from about 10 minutes in.

Indiana has the best breasts on met. natural, perky and perfect shape/size. She is also a contender for best hair, both on her head and vagina. Those features with the combination of Indiana's cute, yet beautiful face and perfect body put her in my top 5 Met-Art girls...She is always a pleasure to look at. Looking forward to seeing more of this amazing beauty.

A beautiful model who doesn't have to use tons of make-up to look stunning. LOVE the freckles.

Indiana is superb as always, but if the pop-ups don't stop, I'm out of here.

I have a suspicion that you being "out of here" isn't of great concern, but if you just turn on your pop-up blocker eveything should be fine... If you don't have a pop-up blocker, you probly need to get with the times! ;o)

The pop-ups can be removed by changing the settings on your computer. I never get pop-ups from this site.

Pop-ups? On MET??? I guess Windows95 doesn't have a Pop-Up Blocker.

I have never seen a pop up while surfing Met-Art of course I run No Script.

If the pop ups are not related to Met-Art or one of their sites then you most likely have a tracker on your PC that you need to get rid of.

Indiana reminds me of a young Jodie Foster for some reason.

"...for some reason"...? Maybe it's because she looks like her little sister!

I've always thought that, too.

She never fails to have beautiful armpit stubble.

And YOU never fail to creep us out! "Armpit stubble"!? Just what is your "secret"?? ;o)

C'mon guys, we don't need to see every little bit of every model in every photo in every photo set. The graininess and lack of focus on Indiana's wonderful face are the only valid complaints here, otherwise an excellent set. #109 is magnificent. And the last six show that how great Indiana looks with her clothes --on--.

Sorry but #109 and the last six are NOT what 'most' of us are here to see!
This girl is indeed a visual treat, but the same can't be said (by me!) for this set.

It is impossible not to fall in love with Indiana. That smile just kills me.

Ich habe auch schon bessere Serien von Indiana gesehen.

Ja, diese Bilder sind UNTER dem Durchschnitt...!!

Model, composition and settings are OK -- but, in this case, Arkisi could have mastered the lighting conditions better! Too much digital noise and some examples of inaccurate focusing!

Indiana is so very beautiful, it's always a pleasure to see any new material featuring her gorgeous self.

Arkisi captures Indiana's natural beauty very well here, however for me the bubbles serve to hide her too much from our appreciation in this set.

I fully agree. In fact for me it was just plain boring.

There have been very few bath tub sets I could agree on to say I fully liked them. The thought of the tub is nice, but not when she actually gets into the tub.

Indiana is one gorgeous and sexy woman!!! I do like bathtub sets, but not when they are almost all tease, and no please!!! Rinse those bubbles off!!!

Absolutely true, the bubbles have destructed the beauty of Indiana's fabulous body but as Indiana is my favorite model I still enjoyed the set

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