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I live in Indiana. I wish all the girls here were as pretty as Indiana! :)

Great model - Luca is having a bad day - the series is short and does not do the model justice!

not my favorite girl, but always glad when there is a new set.

Check out Promet by Arkisi. Indiana is smiling all the way through it.

Almost forgot,she has very small labia so you won't see much.

Always love her armpit stubble.

Would love to see full pit hair!

Creative blending of textures...deliberate or not. Indiana is radiant as usual, and looks very comfortable in the "hardness" of her immediate surroundings. Very creative and appealing set. A bit of a surprise...

Indiana is one of my favorite models. She seems to reveal less as she gets older? Some of her earlier shoots show a sophisticated allure that is sexy and erotic. She is one beautiful woman who has a plan for life and modeling is just a small part of it I suspect? Love you Indiana and if you wouldn't mind, before you stop posing nude, please give your fans one set where you "let it all hang out"! :)

I do like this model lots and have looked at all her previous sets. Although I may be wrong, my conclusion is that she does not seem to enjoy modelling, she hardly ever seems to like taking her clothes off and seems very uncomfortable with even opening her legs and as for a close up butterfly labia well I think that is wishful thinking. Actually at times I think she would be better suited doing another job completely. Once again, I think she is pretty, but when I see her name coming up on future sets I never expect much. This is just as well therefore as this shoot like all her other shoots did not come to much.

Who knows how she really feels about what she's doing, but judging by the wonderful smile on her face in the last photo it's hard to imagine she's not having fun.

Assuming that she doesn't enjoy modeling because she isn't comfortable showing as much as you want to see is pretty much the definition of "jumping to a conclusion". Sounds like it would be more accurate to say that --you-- don't enjoy her modeling. And that's okay.

I agree I think the issue is the viewer not model.If you have ever see her in videos she is laughing and joking much of the time hardly the behavior that a person would display during an activity that they dislike.

Furthermore just because a model poses nude but does show off her uterus does not mean that she dislikes posing.I have been a member of Met-Art since 2004 and have never been disappointed overall by this site.Members need to understand this sites focus which is not to show women is obvious poses like "spreading the wings" and such and I for one like that because I find that kind of photography very disingenuous.I am not trying to insult those who prefer this kind of photography I am merely explain that this style is not Met-Arts bag.

Met-Art is much more about the sensual shapes and forms of the female body not the blatant.Everyone has different tastes and Met-Art is a site that focuses on pleasing the viewer with a sensual eye.

Understand the goal of Met-Art and understand the overall artistic style that they represent.

That is all very well, but the most popular photographers on this site are the ones that show good close-ups - Murano especially.

It's time that both the site and some of the photographers took note of what the majority clearly want.

Otherwise, one might as well just look at Vogue. Or some magazine about interiors and antiques.

Re bibblefuss. Fair enough. I do not like her way of modeling. Yes she does smile rarely, acually very rarely indeed. I guess she is smiling in the last photo because she knows its all over and time to get dressed.

Smiling in 25 of 100 photos is rare? You have a strange way of viewing things to put it mildly.You are lucky that I feel lazy today because I am tempted to go through all of her sets and count the number of grins.I can assure that she smiles in many photos and also has a higher ratio of smiles than several other models on this site.

Alas as I said I am feeling lazy today and honestly your thoughts on this model are highly incorrect and arguing the point would be a waste of time.

You also fail to take into consideration that she and Helios seem not to work together very well because she never seems to stand out in his sets.In actuality the issue her is the photographer not the model his direction is poor.Simply compare this set with the previous set of Indiana and you see that she is shown smiling in many more photos.

My impression of this model is that she is very vibrant and playful and Mr.Helios does not know not wish to convey this in his photos or that he may be a bit difficult to work with as his work seems to vary with other models as well.In some sets he captures the models energy very well in others he fails to.

I very strongly disagree with your opinion about Indians attitude towards molding as I said if you looked through all of her sets and her videos in particular she is very energetic and playful and very vibrant.Sometimes Mr.Helios fails to capture this.

I always love seeing Indi's smiling face and gorgeous body. Indoors or out, her eyes are always captivating and her body invites you to enjoy every delicious curve from her inviting smile to sweet breasts and strong, long legs.

I only wish the 'from behind' shots would have included some more revealing shots with her legs spread at least a little and that the set included more photos.

This photographer doesn't understand that most guys like to see a girl's pussy and ass.

Indiana is an incredibly beautiful woman, and Mr. Helios has done his very best to show it.

Of course - and image 31 is the climax.

Gorgeous, sexy girl with spectacular perfect breasts!!!

Indiana is flawless perfection, head to toe beautiful and she always looks to enjoy herself in all her sets, nearly as much as the viewer.

A bit of a yawn!

The set, not the model!

So it is!

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