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Lovely Indiana, great photos. She's my absolute favorite I think. Her personality seems to come through in a way that few of the girls here are able. Classical beauty with a little sarcastic glint. Very nice.

The beginning of the year looked promising, when she started to grow some pubic hair. Now it's all ruined. Indiana, dear, let us see your gorgeous pink diamonds, your pussy and your anus set in a gold of your hair

Anything more than a hand full is a waste. Why waste perfection?

Dreadnought got it right. Indiana is a truly classy dame. And, speaking of Bogie, am I the only one who sees more than a little of the young Lauren Bacall in her? Consider the slender, gorgeous body; the beautiful, flowing hair; above all the knowing, slightly smartass smile and sophisticated twinkle in her eye. Love her!

Indiana has always been one of my favorite redheads. She makes my heart go into overdrive. I would love to kiss each and everyone of her freckles. Love the photo set, great job to both Indiana and Alex.

Sironi has done a great job photographing one of my favorite models!!! 10 points for both model and photographer!!!

Pin sharp focussing, especially the face shots on the last page, varied poses.....well done Alex

gorgeous lady. sweet face, gorgeous boobs and delicious hot pussy

Indiana is very beautiful, as always, But she doesn't look very happy.Check some of the sets and movies she has Made with Luca Helios, like "Lavico" or "Girlfriends" she laughs and smiles a lot.

Smoothe is best Indiana, especially for a fabulous girl like you. It's a straight case of I don't like eating fluff!

This photographer has done a better job with this model in just this one set than all 15 or so sets photographed by L.H. - whose contributions of this model were mostly poor at best.

"Indi" is truly one of The God's little gifts that brings so much pleasure to a barren and greedy world.

I'm sure Indiana is thrilled to find out that she's 'some god's' gift to the world... How 'special' for her...

Maybe -- but I really don't think she bothers to read these comments.

Going from trimmed to shaved brings on a 2 point reduction in your score. Lets try and bring those grades back up next time young lady. ;)

keep your pussy shaved and get 10 more points from me

Very creative comment.....for a 10 year old. ;o)

I wish. That was many decades ago. :]

If they're "small" breasts I'm a succubus

There is a lot of inconsistency in the model bio's such as this. Clearly, Indiana has been done an injustice in being labeled with "small" breasts. I have asked, and there appears to be no standard basis for the rating, such as cup size. It is merely some individual(s) opinion. My opinion is that these are medium.

That's always puzzled me, she has a lovely pair of medium breasts (by the standard of other MetArt models labelled such), I have even submitted suggested changes but this never seems to work, but whatever the size, I think the word perfect fits best of all.

Perfect indeed!!!

They look US Grade-A Prime to me!!

I wouldn't mind borrowing her for a few years!!!


It's always great to see Indiana return, but it's a real treat when she appears in a set as nice as this one, that outfit at the start is simple yet elegant, nicely revealing her gorgeous shaven cunt, which she goes on to display in even greater detail in some beautiful seated poses where she appears as nothing short of majestic.

I don't have one single favourite here on MetArt, but were I pressed to name one Indiana would be one of those in contention.

One of my top five favorites --

Indiana A is one of my all-time favorite MetArt gals!

A really "classy dame" -- as Bogart would have said.

And I second "JimmyGeorge's" comment -- you are, indeed, a man of taste.

No doubts, you have a very nice taste.

Cheers Mate --

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