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And while browsing through the photos, I almost had my hopes high of finally seeing a provocative set after so much time, after so many puritanic ones, but no, another puritanic one! :( The only two provocative photos (#38 and #39) were spoiled by the angle and the tilting of the camera! I hate photos on a diagonal! You have to bend your head to one side to see the photo straight, and that's very uncomfortable, especially if you want to take a long time staring to the photo. And they could have been more provocative if Luca positioned himself more to the left, more behind her. Then it would have been two GREAT photos to pay a tribute to (if you know what I mean :P)!

So this time the puritanism was not Indiana's fault, as she did a good pose - my favorite pose in photos: the doggy. This time it was the photographer's fault. :/

Another Indiana's set rejected to my collection, unfortunately. I adore her so much, but I lost my hopes of seeing a provocative set like she used to do in the past. :(

Cutest face I've seen in a long time

Indiana has always been one my top 10 favorite models and I think this photo set is one of her best. I can't come up with the one word to describe her beauty, maybe "mind-boggling" because that's what happens to my mind when I look at her. Love her madly. The only thing that disappointed me about this set was that out of 155 photos there were only 10 that gave us a view of her beautiful butt. I really love the photos that are taken showing the model's beautiful back and butt as she's looking back over her shoulder. Please show case more of Indiana's beautiful (kissable) butt in her next photo set. Also love photos like 85 that show that roundness of her butt. Thank you Indiana and Luca for this beautiful photo set. Indiana should be in the top 10 of models!

As Det. Headlopper prowled the streets on his lonely beats he remembered a movie from the past. It's a old movie called The Wake of the Red Witch
The story of the person who stole all of his strawberries. The captain set out on a course for vengeance against the strawberry pirate. Only later in the movie did he find out that the great strawberry pirate was the Red Witch herself. That Red Witch was stealing all of the strawberries and taunting the sailors to their doom. Get near the Red Witch and you will run aground. A wreak on the rocks as she sails away from you. Her beautiful look is only their to deceive the innocent ones. As Det. Headlopper got ready for another long night on patrol he also remembered a old song where live is but a dream.
Strawberry Fields Forever

Love Indiana and I hope they will always keep her

Ok since they do not # the pics what do you guys do count.

Actually, you'll notice the pictures are numbered in the toolbar when you scroll over them (or if you download them).

Gorgeous girl. Suggestion: when a girl has legs like this, photograph her standing, emphasizing her legs. Not that I'm complaining, her cunt and boobs are awesome too!


Indiana has such sexy legs. IMHO her best feature are her legs. I would LOVE to see more photos emphasizing her legs since the are so, so beautiful.

She does have a great legs. And as for the breasts, calling them "small" in the bio is an injustice.

I have from her first set been intrigued by this Russian Model who would chose the name Indiana, being that I live in Indiana. USA. I would love to know how, why she picked it. Today I reviewed her general comments in addition to these and went back and checked out her early work. One person said she looked like a young Jodie Foster. Damn if the weren't right, in Indiana's head shots she could be a sister to Jodi. One person noted she wasn't as R rated as she was in the past. Today I think she brings it. Luca has been using her for years and with over 50 sets here Indiana has been shot by at least eight different artist. Luca's use of her is almost always special. I have a challenge for all of you. Go back and find a Movie from September 2010 called Girlfriends by Luca. Download it ans view it. It is Indiana with APF, and Lorena. It is blast. An old VW and the three of them. It is definitely different from the movies here now! Indiana was great back then and still is today. Since I have been working on my Hall of Fame project Indiana stands out as an exception. She has always been popular and has over 8,000 votes but has never made the top ten. I personally fell she is the type of model that has given us a lot over the whole time she has appeared but would not meet my criteria. Go ahead boo birds if you must but to the rest of you post something about Indiana which is useful. Final note, with the increased resolution aren't here freckles cute.

The name of that movie should have been " 3 Yummy Babes and 1 Lucky VW". There were some beautiful ass shots in that movie!

Beautiful, as always. Tell her I have some strawberries in my refrigerator that are waiting for her.

AND -- she has first class taste in high heels !!!

Thanx for wearing them!

I agree with all the compliments that have been posted about Indiana. But this set wastes her beauty. Gaudy, distracting necklace. The strawberry does not add either. And her long hair needs to be kept out of the way.

Indiana is a totally and incredibley beautiful woman and tremendously skilled model. It helps to know she also appears in other parts of the Met Universe where she is not so underated as on this site,(8.9 Indeed!)There she is known as Belle. You would think that with a photographer as skilled as Rylsky she would be a 9.9 at least. Of course she is tied neck and neck with Ariel N (piper fawn on the net) for incredibly beautiful red head of all time.

Oooops! meant Luca Helios, who posts here.

When I die I want to come back as a Strawberry!

Indiana is the most beautiful woman on MetArt! Thumbs Up!

Indiana is amazing time after time with sets like this one.The strawberry got tastier with her.

would you like some whipped cream to go with your lonesome strawberry???

... and who could resist Indiana when looking like shot in ## 136 & 138?

I'm so ready to give this woman my car and keys to the house it's not funny.

I have nothing to say about her or the photography as I have been in love with her for a couple of years now and my judgement on the matter is completely suspect.

Just in case, I'll offer the house next door and will buy you a convertible just so I can see you doodling happily down the road once in awhile.

I've got it bad....

Also, I have a craving for strawberries.

Good fantasy

That face, those eyes, those freckles, those smiles, that derriere, lucky strawberry! I appreciate Indiana more and more each time I see her. Wonderful collaboration by Indiana and Luca, kudos to both.

I could easily make a fool of myself over this woman. (And I can hear my kids saying, "Sure Dad, what else is new?") But Indiana is so delectable, so irresistible, that it's impossible not to feel happier just looking at her. Incidentally, I want to have dinner with the woman in photo 15 or, failing that, 153. She can wear clothes.

Alright Sailor....you have a choice to make. You can't have both Indiana and Astrud (kind of greedy there bud:).

BTW, a really like the 2 images you chose, especially 153....cute expression!

Nasty dilemma. It will require long thought and considerable first-hand research.

As for the greed part, what the hell; if you want a yard, ask for a mile and you just might get two or three yards.

Terrible dilemma, but if you're willing to take on such a selfless task for the sake of all Met Art members we should applaud your generosity Sailor:)

My pleasure. Anything for the advancement of science.

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