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many thanx for the toes close up...

Lucky boyfriend! ( :

Arkisi used the scenery to highlight Indiana A's magnificent body well with both the dark contrast colors of those huge rocks as well as the natural light of the sun's rays casting a soft golden glow upon both her gorgeous face as well as her body within both sensual serene strikingly magnificent close ups and panoramic poses :) I simply adore Indiana both standing on her tip of her toes high upon the tip of the rock wall the blue sky and the sun's rays casting a golden glow upon her long firm slender legs thighs firm derriere and those gorgeous breasts lovely face with her fiery red hair flowing in the wind in images #66 to #76 image #73 is simply a priceless photo :) As well as Indiana A in images #82 to #89 with both the dark colors of the rock face and the sun's rays and shadows high lighting Indiana's beautiful face toned body magnificent breasts nipples long slender legs within the right places :):) Indiana A surely hasn't lost her sex appeal nor her well portioned body of hers within her poses !! Actually i found her looking younger within this series and I too do love the loved the photos of Indiana dressed she looks simply stunning in those tight jeans and white t-shirt as for those large cone shaped rocks they surely look phallic to me the way they are shaped never the less it's really nice to have Indiana A drop in for a visit on Christmas day do drop in more often Indiana i think we all will love you to do so more often ;) Thank You Indiana and Arkisi for a sensual artistic set :) Merry Christmas to both of you and well as Met-Art for posting on this special day :) :)

Good summary rags25! I really like the hair in motion - frozen in mid air shots too. Some of them even gave us a glimpse of a lovely ear.

Love this girl!

Me too! Indiana is such a wonderful example of how incredibly beautiful the female body is. I love her beautiful long red hair and how nicely her trimmed bush accompanies her long hair. very arousing young lady.. Cant wait to see her again!

I have been watching Indi since I first saw her on Domai a couple of years back. What a beauty, her girl next door/tomboyish looks hide the fact that she is a sensual creature with an inner beauty that a lot of models do not have. I like the fact that she does not use a lot of makeup normally, or have the fake nails that some models seem to like (and I hate). Perfectly natural, perfectly beautiful... always a 10 in my world. Thanks Indi, and Arkisi. And Merry Christmas to you.

There are several sets of Indiana over on EA where she works as Belle.She is outstanding in clothes as we see in "Lavico " We don't need the shots in jeans,although she is totally outstanding in jeans. this is a classic nude set, soft curvy girl against rough dark objects and get a 10 for both Indiana and Arkisi.

Indiana is as beautiful as ever. What a gorgeous body. I am not sure what those cone things in the back ground are, but the set is very nice.

You can keep your whisky Santa, mine's an Indiana on the rocks. Indiana is as stunning as ever, not her best set by far but she is still very cute and sexy as hell, the only bad thing about a set featuring Indiana is the wait for the next one!.

Black rock, Black Toe Polish. Love the dressed shots. She even has a great ass in jeans. Wish Indiana was in Indiana... I'd find her!

Finally! I was beginning to fear that we wouldn't see Indiana this month, but here she is, and the planets are back in their proper orbits. As Indiana sets go, this one is only so-so. It's shot by Arkisi, who never really gets the best out of her. (For that, go to her work with Luca Helios.) But it's still Indiana, and she's a joy to behold, as always.

Amen, bro...

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