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Es la mas maravillosa serie de Luca Helios
INDIANA esta bellísima, atractiva, sutil, seductora, elegante, distinguida.... perfecta

I may have said it before Doug but the trouble is I just don't like eatin' fluff!

Color good. But not with bandana. Bad bandana. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Masturbatory dream

Oh, were only this little bombshell to fully reacquaint herself with the razor. Bottom line is that stuff is unsanitary and I just can't bear to look at pictures of it. Couple of beautiful head shots, though. Amazing face! Really nice breasts.

"that stuff is unsanitary" My poor unhealthy head, back, shoulders, chest, legs, brows....

Not at all! Beautiful in every way, the ONLY thing she needs to take off is the headscarf much sooner.

Indy is BAD ASS GORGEOUS!! Another that should be shot in 50MPX++ For realz! I dig shot 20! Her eyes and freckles define her beauty!

Sorry but another gorgeous girl ruining her looks with awful body "artwork". Remember, Love Pink not Ink!!

Indiana is a beautiful young woman. Helios does a great job avoiding the unfortunate "tramp stamp" She does not need any distractions.

First ever Indiana A set I didn't look at all the way through. Take that ridiculous thing off her head. How annoying.

Luca Helios, please explain to me the "big idea" with crooked shots; or would you like a tripod for your next birthday?

Luca Helios, please explain to me the "big idea" with crooked shots; or would you like a tripod for your next birthday?

Indiana, you're beautiful, A baby face with sparkling blue eyes and a coral mouth to kiss.
Looking at your body a thought: dream or are awake?
And you're naked.
But .... please .... natural or shaved.
The Bermuda Triangle is horrible.
The Bermuda Triangle dulls your beauty.

Although the pool is one of the locations most used and abused the most boring among the possible locations of photos of beautiful naked girls, Luca manages to obtain a set very pleasant.
Surely the beauty of Indiana obscures everything else, but the funny Charleston cap is the master's touch.
Color contrasting with the context underlines perfectly the incredible, starry blue eyes of Indiana. (The red is a clarion color and is complementary to green and blue. A master's touch).
The white cap and red attracts the eye on the face of Indiana and then slides to caress the body.

too bad about that red stuff on her toe nails.

don't mind the scarf.

Sexuality oozes from every pore. Astonishing.

Indiana is beautiful but I agree the set would have been better without the head wrap. It detracts significantly.

So does the vile inky thing on her back!!

It seems you're showing all of my favorites this week.

Could have done without the head wrap. Took until pic 136 to rid herself of it and really let her hair down. Other than that gripe, great set!

Indiana, AKA belle in some parts of the Met universe, is the perfect nude. And Luca Helios always presents her perfectly. She is portrayed best outdoors,as in Lavico And Mr. Helios is always carefull about keeping the sun out of her eyes. Of course I gave this perfect beauty a 10++++.Not to mention, but Belle is perfectly groomed trimming the pelvic area and waxing the undercarriage. By the way, has anyone else seen the news paper articles about the rising number of women going to the hospital with grooming injuries, mostly razor cuts on the labia.This is what the day spa is for, and the ladies there are trained and liscensed, If the woman really feels the need.

Packin' my bags for Terre Haute posthaste!

How can this woman be 27? That face is so fresh, sweet and innocent, page 5 picture 93.....flawless face...and pretty much everything else is flawless also, great photography Luca

27 old? No way—though I agree with you about picture 93, and I'd add the series at the end of the set.

Thank God pussy hair is coming back into style!

I'm a big fan of this girls beautiful hair, both on her head and on on her pussy. beautiful color. Indiana is a goddess. not only is her pussy glorious but her natural breasts do not get enough attention. They are wonderful. Her long tone legs are amazing. I would love to wrap them around me. And her beautiful face is just stunning. Here coral blue eyes are breathtaking. This girl is a rare beauty and one of the most arousing girls on Met.


Double-yuk. Indiana used to be gloriously smooth. Glad I've save photos from those days.

You're full of shit too, Wheeler. You would fuck this chick any day, and blow your load after only two pumps.

Dude, what's your problem?

9 out of 10 girls on the site have shaved pussies. Can't we pussy hair lovers get what we want too without some snob saying something like "yuk" to a beautiful woman's pussy?

If you want 100% shaved pussies, then go find a child porn site to beat off to.

I suppose your love of fur extends to pits, legs and mustaches as well. If it's 'natural', why not have 'em all haired over? You need an abominable snow-gal site.

Pussy hair lovers, Internet is full of hairy women even on the teeth.
Of women with huge tits, high heels, fishnet stockings, whips, piercings and tattoos.
Why do you want hairy women on MetArt?
It is as if I wanted to buy some fish from the butcher.

Shaved or natural .... but .... please ....
the Bermuda Triangle noo.

You're full of shit, gaetano. You would probably be first in line to fuck this chick if you had the chance, even with the triangle.

if there is someone full of shit, it is you, insulting others. Stop that.

It's really nice to see this magnificently gorgeous young lady get a bit more explicit than she has been lately... I hope this is a trend with her! There is something special about Indiana, something so smolderingly sensual and sexual.

Pure gold, another awesome set from Indiana, Luca Helios really seems to bring out the best in Indiana, he always makes her look fantastic (I'm tempted to say that can't be too difficult with Indiana!) and it really shows in her confident exhibitionism and smouldering sexuality in every shot. As ever the only negative with this set of Indiana is the wait for the next one.

Just a tiny bit too shaved... Else just right..!

Luca Helios never fails to bring out the best in this astonishing woman. I want to kiss every freckle. The series of portraits at the end of the set could not be more beautiful—or sexier. (I was glad to see the scarf go, even though the rest of the set was glorious.) It has been a while since our last Indiana fix, and I was beginning to go into withdrawal. I'm better now. xoxoxo, you goddess.

OMG, perfection! Nuff said.

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