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She got my "10" for the day and I'm not asking her to grow anything.

pic 114 - love that bum!

Indiana, is amazing. This is one of the best sets I've seen, the blue bed coverings, the red necklace, along with her beautiful red hair and perfect complexion made for one great set. 10 for set and 10+++++ for Indiana she is perfection personified.

I haven't gone through every bit of today's offerings yet, but No.57 is bound to be my favorite photo of the day. Just exquisite! In fact I think this may be the best set of Indiana in quite some time. Like bibblefuss, I wasn't a huge fan of hers at first, but over time she has gotten under my skin... Excellent set from start to finish!

OMG! No-one noticed that Indiana (AKA Belle on EA where she has a fabulous update)is the loveliest red head on Met, ( and no, I'm not forgetting APF,she dyes her hair which is mouse brown,as you can see on Presenting Ariel here on Met) and who is naturally stacked like a brick outhouse,(sorry people I'm suffering from Indiana overload) This was induced by shots 16 and 17 which concentrate on how lovely she is.I give Indiana a 10++++ cause she always blows my mind with her beauty.

The necklace does not add anything. Jewelry usually doesn't, it is tricky to use jewelry.

She is so far beyond gorgeous!!!

Pic 120, would love to come to that smile every night!!

Indiana is perfect just the way she is. I rejoice every time I get to see a new set of her.

It wasn't "love at first sight" but over time Indiana has become one of my favorites. She's just all-around amazing.

If you can't get full enjoyment from this set because she doesn't spread her legs wide enough or frequently enough, you have my deepest sympathies. Your doctor can suggest options for that problem ;)

I could not agree more. They were a waste of natural beauty! It has to be a crime somewhere to have the opportunity to share such beautiful women, but instead we get to see parts of the bed.

I don't know... is it the photographer, house rules, model only does these type of shots. Although a classy site; it needs to show more. Some days they do a real good job close ups and even pussy spreads and some days is just a post to keep it going. Like my counterpart said; this one is just running the mill.

This beautiful woman who is called Indiana has been posing for at least six years. She is one of those models that seem to be the face of MetArt itself. She is simply absolutely gorgeous. Nothing else need be said.

Indiana is indeed iconic.

It's the day of run of the mill sets today .

Happily disagreeing with you. ( :

Excellent set. a gorgeous model, every part of her body is beautiful and hot. good work by Alex in capturing the beauty of Indiana. i only wish two things:
1. Indiana adds some flesh to her slim body to be a bit more curvy.
2. some open legs and pussy close up shots.

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