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On several other sites, "Indiana's" stage name is "Belle."

...another stage name I've seen her pose under is "Indy." ( :

Indiana is a beautiful young woman whose popka illustrates Russian supremacy in this field.

Beautiful, as always.

She's always been one of my favorites.

One could hardly describe the stunningly beautiful Indiana as DIMINUTIVE!!!

But you COULD describe one of her 'sets' as such....could you not?

I always enjoy a visit from this beautiful freckle factory; especially when her lovely wrinkled areolae, glass cutters, superb butt cheeks, ribs, pleasing transition from waist to hips, and camel toe are seen so many times.

As we all know Indiana is a classic nude who only does classic nudes. This kinda looks like the stream where Edwidge was smacking Mia Solis's butt in "Lillies". Indiana usually smiles more (as in mr Helios's "Lavico"but what the hay,its Indiana(aka Belle on EA,RA,and the rest of the Met universe that she decorates with her beauty.)Mr Helios always remembers she is a complete beauty all over,so I love the way he portrays her.I gave both a 10++++ P.S. you will notice I am not dignifying some other comments with a reply as my Mom always said I shouldn't swear.Other wise I would be saying "Chupa mi culo"and other stuff I learnded from my Puerto Rican foster daughter. She always claimed Spanish was so much more satisfying than English.(When I made her go to ESL classes.) She is now a PHD social worker like me, and used to tell people she was as crazy as me.

Love Indiana, but not terribly impressed with the photography. :(

A pleasant surprise...

@ Rock:
I am happy for you. What surprised you?

What surprised me was Helios doing an outdoor set with Belle that I would like... But what would surprise me even more, would be you in a 'genuine' state of glee over my delight...;o)

@ Rock:

I "borrowed" one of your best model tags, with proper praise the first time I did. That was genuine.

I believe that all commentators are genuine in what they first write; no matter how many times we may claim we were mis-understood or did not really mean what we wrote.

Would you have believed me if I had written that I was "in a 'genuine' state of glee over my delight"?

You borrowed one of MY "best model tags"??? You lost me at the bakery! And I didn't say that I don't believe you. I said it would surprise me.

As for your other "assertion" that we all reveal our true opinion with our initial comments, I couldn't agree less... Are you familiar with the phrase "kneejerk reaction"?? We 'humons' are infamous throughout the galaxy, for reacting without thinking the situation over completely. "Shoot first, ask questions later" sound familiar either??

@ Rock:

I believe it was you who coined "freckle factory"? My bad, you did say surprise.

I still believe what I said about all commentators. I choose to believe that reacting without thinking the situation over completely et al, results in what the commentator believes at his or her core, warts and all. That is not to say that he and she, or you and I are bad people; more that some commentators sanitize(d) their comments so as to appear to be politically correct. Others did and do not.

What commentators say will not end life and the world. Politicians and militaries in many powerful nations could accomplish that if voters and citizens remain asleep at the wheel.

Sorry but you believe incorrectly. I never have and never will use the term "freckle factory"... It's a bit on the corny side. Not to say that I'm never corny...

We all believe what we choose to believe.

@ Rock:

Damn it!

Now I have to thank somebody else for feeding my corny side, unless I properly gave thanks when I first borrowed the words.

Your second paragraph is undeniable. I have and will continue to use those words many times going forward.

This beautiful lady known to us as Indiana is the quintessential redhead erotic model. Perfect, absolutely perfect. It is always a pleasure to see her photos.

Uninspired photographer! Boring set!

Amazing once again, I don't think I've ever seen a bad set of the gorgeous Indiana, whilst there are not as many explicit shots as her last set with Ingret, the charm for me here is the way Luca captures her natural beauty in the outdoor setting, especially the shots where she is stood, he captures her marvelous figure perfectly.

I do love how Indiana caters to different tastes regarding the topiary of her lady garden, maybe an ornamental maze next?.

Yet again however the wait begins for Indiana's next set.

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