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My two-cents worth: (That's a way of saying 'IMO") Neil was expressing a simple compliment, not expressing a narrow and specific meaning, as Rylsky seems to have interpreted it. Rylsky, you need to lighten up a bit (IMO). You seem argumentative and quick to take offense--not positive qualities.

That said, I am very impressed by your work; you obviously know what you're doing and your work is, IMO, brilliant, both in the technical sense and in the artistic sense.

Just FYI and IMO, however, I found this set more than a little overly dramatic; some of the photos worked beautifully; most (IMO) did not. Too much Sturm und Drang for my tastes. Indiana is stunningly beautiful and is so in this set, but (again, IMO) this sort of approach does not suit her well, with a few exceptions. (Just my opinion.)

Indianna, woman of mature therapy, the level of de ri-gueur[French] which you maintain, is so pleasent to view lovely woman. Excellance and supreme come to mind.... mastery of your art work, along with photo journalist, whom captures your lovely form.

A little sex, but large, sophisticated charm.
Perfection of style and technique.
Delicious Indiana.

Indiana is beautiful. With that said I found this set boring.

New dimensions of Indiana A revealed by Rylsky.
-Tokyo Sukimono-

Indiana looked like she was going to enjoy this set right from the start, I know I did. Thank you Rylsky I love your wet sets as well. And do not worry about your English, it is perfectly all right. Thank you both for the set, full marks all round.

Thank you for support, Simon. OK, I will not worry, anybody who want to understand - will easily do it.

I thought this was a fantastic set and that Indiana brought considerable modelling chops to the shoot. I can only deduce from the marks that someone is crazy and in this case I don't think I'm the guilty party.

Deveshko, Bbi ochen kracivaya. Dymaio, Bbi budete ochen fkysno toze. Atlichno Rylsky.

She's my personal favorite and apparently there are many here that believe any photographer can shoot her and do no wrong. But this set sucks, as have the last half dozen or so she's done. It's not her fault, but I want to see her do more alluring poses like her earlier work here and at EA.

Rylsky must have been a big "Flipper" fan as a boy...lol

Indiana looks tasty...in OR out of water. Nice overall feel to this one.

Since my first comment disappeared,I can give another, like,I haven't seen Indiana (AKA Belle)This hot in a long time.Shots 55 and 56 are brain-smashers to all those boys and girls(we do have female members, you know)that swing that way, of which I am a proud member. I always call her Belle because although English is not her first language,(she's Russian) It fits her perfectly. (I wish Toxic A had talked to her before selecting that name her(Toxic) other stage name Angela is MUCH better)Indiana wears cute panties here too ,and the poses show off her strong, perfect body. In short Rylsky and Indiana get a 10+ infinity

Seems like I'm jumping to conclusions,about the only jumping I can do these days. BUT I can say again how happy I am that Indiana(Belle) decided to work for Rylsky awhile.

I'll tell ya what's "disappeared".....LOL

The only thing better than a lovely nude Indiana is a lovely nude wet Indiana. Great set!

Indiana is always incredibly lovely, and please remember she is Belle on the rest of Met-art Universe, as she works for many artists, and you'll miss some good stuff. I love the way Rylsky presents her,he has captured a side if Belle others do not always see. I give Bellt,and Rylsky a 10+ infinity.

Indiana and Rylsky ~ now, there is a collaboration to take note of. It might rock or it might suck ~ but you're gonna sit up and take notice, one way or the other.
I'm not a wet set fan, but Indiana seemed to be enjoying herself. I haven't seen those expressions on her face in her more conventional sets.

Very different set for her in many regards, but yes, the different expressions stood out to me.

A visit from lovely Indiana is always a treat and this gallery is no exception. She is so attractive and Rylsky presents that beauty very interestingly.

I really appreciate some of the subtle things that Rylsky did here and how they added both variety and extra interest for me:

The visit starts with what could easily be cropped into a classic portrait, wet lingerie that covers but does not hide what is inside as in 4 and 5, my favorite example of the water frozen in mid-air ~ 25, visible proof of the impact that water often has on some model's nipples, the heightened impact that a brilliant smile ~ also 25 ~ makes when it is only one compared to the majority of more serious facial expressions.

Also, the images which focus on Indiana's long elegant neck please me; finally, I found the pedestal supporting the marble slab to be singularly appropriate for a series of images of a beautiful woman.

Indiana deserves thanks for this visit! I especially liked Rylsky's subtle choices that I enumerated above, well done.

Indiana is a splash.Her body in that wet suit and see through panty is very sexy.

Very fine set! I love this kind of studio sets too!

I like these wet studio shoots, the wetter the better. I love redheads and Indiana is a truly great redhead. So I am very happy today. Indiana is one of those models that seem to be the face of MetArt. She has such a perfect figure and a beautiful face. Perfect.

Indiana is one of those models that seem to be the face of MetArt.
Let me say that personally for me "the face" of MA or any other site must be equal to "the exclusive face". As examples: Nikia & J. Milton, I hope it makes sense why. That's why I disagree with you this time, my friend.

I better will say that Indi was (and is) one of most popular "faces of MA".

I think we may have different ideas about the term "face of MetArt." To me the term refers to those models that have been featured many times over several years. I think of a model like Sofi A for instance, or even Loreen. Nikia and Jeff are among the face of RylskyArt and they are beautiful.

I did not mean for my comment to be so controversial. It is true that Indi has appeared on numerous sites with different names, but she remains one of those models that have been published many times with a long distinguished career here on MetArt. Notice that my comments speak of many numerous models who are in this category.

I'm in complete agreement with you on this neil.

Sorry(for intrusion)...but it makes NO sense why! What is this "exclusive face" that you talk about!? Why is Nikia's face, or (very new!)J Milton's face any more "exclusive" than Indi's?? And what means this "exclusive face"??? Would not the "most popular" face of a website be "the" face of that site??
I hestitate to post this since you and I have many misunderstandings, but your response to Neil's comment put me in a defensive position because I happen to agree with his remark about Indiana's face being -or seeming to be- one of the faces of Met. I better will say that we ALL have "our own idea" of what face, or faces, represent this site. Thank you and good day to you sir :o)

it must be very funny to laugh when somebody knows your Language poor (as me in English), but I'm pretty sure you did understand what I meant. It's not about personal Nikia or any other girl looks greater vs. Indi.
I will try to make it clearer with simple example: will you call annybody as "the face" of TV channel if he appear with his shows on 10s other TV channels? You will not.

I am NOT "laughing" at you! Maybe just poking a bit of fun and a few giggles... If this is troublesome for you, I apologize.

I did also NOT understand what you were saying, other than telling Neil that his "opinion" of Indi's status at Met was wrong. You of all people should know that an "opinion" cannot be "wrong"...

And your "television analogy" is not an appropriate one since anyone with a "TV show" in USA is locked into "one channel only" by what we call a "contract". Please remember the meaning of "opinion" ;o)

And your "television analogy" is not an appropriate one since anyone with a "TV show" in USA is locked into "one channel only" by what we call a "contract".
Exactly! It makes them "the face" of Channel. NO other way to do it. Same analogy works with the sites.

"Exclusive Face"....in the sense that Nikia and Jeff Milton are "exclusively" on the Met Art Network sites.
Although there are several models who have had more exposure and are possibly more popular than either Nikia or J. Milton, these other models have appeared on multiple sites under multiple names.....thus they are not the "Face of Met Art".

Is this correct Rylsky?

IMO, correct. Popularity is not the same as "face" of any project.

I'm glad I understood you correctly, thank you Rylsky.

I forget to add "IMO" sometimes too! :)

As someone once pointed out P, everything ALL of us write in here is "IMO" and it "should" go without saying. In fact, it's what Rylsky is missing here... Everybody has their own "opinion" of which models constitute the "face" of any given erotic site. Besides doug, rylsky is the biggest "challenger" of people's opinions. And like doug, he doesn't care for opinions that are in opposition to his own....seemingly. "IMO"!!

rachsback, I usually add "IMO", because a few times I haven't I received a response in which the person added something like "that's only your opinion".

Of course the vast majority of comments are just "opinions".....it's rare, but every once in a while someone will state a fact or two.
All I was trying to do was translate what I thought the meaning of Rylsky's opinion was (and he responded to let me know that I was in fact correct....which itself is a rarity).

In Rylsky's first comment to Neil he did state that his position was his opinion (when he began with "Let me say that personally for me"). He then gave his reasoning for it, and why he disagreed with Neil.

I would why she did not loose the dress. Oh well, it was still perfect.

You been hangin' with the seadog, neil?...lol

Indiana is as stunning here as she has ever been, Rylsky captures her elegant beauty magnificently, the head shots near the end are simply spectacular.

Whilst I enjoyed this set a lot I did feel it was a little lacking in the more explicit shots, I wonder if her downstairs decoration at that time was the reason?.

The downstairs decoration had to be the reason. Really would have liked to have seen the vajazzeling or painting that was done down there. It doesn't appear to be a tattoo.

It's a vajazzle I'm pretty sure, I've seen a set of her with it, on another site, not sure if it was a MetArt affiliated site though.

I agree with you, but I might add that IMO, what it lacked in explicit shots was made up in creativity, uniqueness for her sets, and different facial expressions as fer_realz pointed out.

As for the reason, perhaps only Indi and Ry know, but the avoidance of showing her pubic mound might support your suspicions.

Personally, I've noticed that Indiana was never excessively generous in the "explicit poses." Not that she never showed anything, but rather that she tends to be among the more conservative of the posers in the vast majority of her sets.
That being said... this set was more conservative than usual even for her... I too wonder why. Did she just get tired of showing it, at some point, or was there a temporary reason she didn't want to?

Her sets with Ingret and Tony Murano were always fairly explicit, as were her other works with Rylsky, my money would be on it being that the vajazzle she's wearing (seen it in more detail in her works elsewhere) not being to the photographer's taste, I believe Rylsky has indicated in the past that he does not instruct the models on how they should be groomed down there, or in this case decorated.

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