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Thank you Arkisi for toes close up...

Indiana IS perfection :)

That smile! Those eyes! I'll bet her personality is just as extraordinary as her physical beauty! And photo # 117 is about as alluring as alluring can be.

This is Indiana at her best, all smiles and plenty of emotion. The voices of dissent over lack of such in past sets should be silenced, at least for today. Although it looks to be an older set of her, she is definitely having a wonderful day. Thanks to her and Arkisi, now so am I.

Those beautiful, feminine hands !

I'd bring her presents just to watch those hands unwrap them.

Our model sparkles through what appears (initially) to be a dull spartan setting with dull color and light. The skill of the artist and personality of model pop right off the page. Our model's eyes fare especially well. Yet another set where the thumbnails do not convey a sense of the quality of the photography. I might encourage avoiding empty white shelves as background, perhaps. The black in the necklace may balance the black toenails and dark landing strip, but is too gaudy for the spartan set and seems not to flatter (nor detract from) our model's face. For the most part, posing and framing is nice, with a bit of frontal overemphasis. 84 seems a bit closed, with ungraceful placement of elbow and ankle. 86 and 87 show the always charming combination of peek and smile. If not an outright 10, I expect I'll be rounding up in that direction.

Those freckles....................

Boring and ho-hum today, maybe I'm just grouchy

I love Indiana A.K.A. Belle on EA and other parts of the Met universe. Now, If someone could persuade Toxic A to go back to Angela, I would be content. Of course it would have to be a staff member, since her stage name would have to be changed on Met-Art, but this seems to be a case where her English got away from her(she obviously doesn't know what Toxic means)so maybe a kind person would help. I don't object to stage names, and this could be voluntary, like Jeff Milton. Rylsky says her English is good, she just loves the name. Under whatever name Indiana is fabulous, and fully lives up to Belle. Of course fabulously beautiful redheads do that too me.I had to give her a 10+infinity for sheer beauty,and the same to Arkisi for photography

I'd forgotten how many sets Indiana has done with Arkisi.

I like the woman Indiana more than the state Indiana.

Love the sprawled on the bed sequence in #40 through #55.

Personally, I think this is by far and away the best set from India for some time – great poses and loads of personality. She has got her Mojo back.

Indiana is pretty as ever.This set is a very nice treat from her.I would never leave that kitchen if she is there.

Beautiful but no fun nor delight of Met-Art.
-Tokyo Sukimono-

Hmmm, really? When I see delicious Indiana in bed, "fun" and "delight" cover my reaction pretty well.

What if you get to your kitchen one day and stumble upon this?What would you do?

The seller

Congratulate the cat for FINALLY dragging something in that I can eat.

Rethink breakfast.

Thank my lucky stars and make a wish that I would not wake from this dream... ( :

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