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This is the best set I've seen of Indiana. What great closeups of her pussy. It evens looks wet. She is super sexy!

I love this woman.

Mr. Rylsky comes home. Mrs. Rylsky: "How did your day go dear?" Mr Rylsky: "Day was awful! I had to shoot for hours and hours!" :-)

Indiana is a very beautiful and sexy young woman. very! :-)

God -- !!

This is a woman to die for --

Don't change a thing. If the Mona Lisa was different, it wouldn't be THE Mona Lisa.

Indiana is very cute and alluring. She reminds me of Misty Mundae. Does anyone else know who that is?

I do! *blissful sigh*

Indiana is a very beautiful woman!

When she smiles, the dimples appear and her face lights up; I bet wherever she is and whoever she is with light up too.

Thanks to Indiana and Team Rylsky for this all too short visit.

One thing I like about this series that sets it apart from many others from less experienced photographers and models is that in many of the shots Indiana is not staring into the camera. Eye contact is alluring in the right circumstance, but the endless frozen stare and smile in so many MetArt series really shows a lack of imagination - as well as eroticism. Thank goodness that there are a few more imaginative series out there.

I couldn't agree more!

01-13 so, so cute. The rest is the usual stuff. Neither great nor bad. Good work, I would say. But the first 13 pics are *sigh* worthy.

Beautiful set from a beautiful woman. She's been one of my favorites since I first joined MA.

Great job on his set Rylsky.

I love the puffy eyes too.

A refreshing and fun look at this cutie pie!! Almost a 'backstage' flavor to it... Very nice.

Indiana belongs on a pedestal - which is why I love photos like 38-40 so much!

A long way to eventually fall... Much better "down to earth"...;o)

Indiana's smile is fabulous, and so is her figure. Even her butt is as good as Inna Q,s and Inna set the standard back in the day. Indiana is known as Belle everywhere else in the Met universe an I think that's the right name for her. This is totally beautiful. I gave a 10++++

I'll never tire of this amazingly beautiful, gorgeously sexy woman, Rylsky presents her magnificently here, the majestic facial portraits contrastingly interspersed with some intimately explicit shots of Indiana's sensational shaven pussy, the only drawback for me would be the lack of full body spread shots such as #071 and #072, but that's a fairly small gripe.

I'm starting to run out of synonyms for "magnificent" to describe Indiana.

Boring? What 's that geezer on?

Very, very erotic! The curtain of blue pearls - sexy! A wonderful
decoration for the well shaped pussy.

Indiana is pretty as ever.Her body and wet pussy shots are awesome.


LOL Glad you think so... I really hate it when we agree!! ;o)

good morning!

Good morning! The eloquent Cindy is plainly a critic worthy of your efforts (unlike Mr Uuusssee) You can't please all of the people all of the time....

foggy916б thank you for clarification, but from now we will use uuusssee's comments to create lyrics.

Unfortunately you can't please all the people all of the time but trust me when I say that you've managed to portray Indiana in a way that captures the essence like it's supposed to be captured. Kudos

You have outdone yourself, which is really saying something. Thank you for capturing Indiana's sweet, soulful essence with those lovely portrait-style shots. My God, those eyes and that smile! She fully, intimately embraces the camera ... when I look at these shots, she seems as if she's smiling just for me. Beautiful young woman, beautifully composed photos. Thank you again!

This set should be proof to counter those have said that Indiana is emotionless. With Rylsky behind the lens, she shows plenty of emotion and has a wonderful smile. For some reason, Rylsky is able to coax her personality out. That is his particular talent.

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