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wow Inga and Liza two of the best blondes heres to hoping you are active again Inga you are one of the best models in metart history

Let's move Inga and Liza over to SexArt so we can watch these to beauties lick each other to orgasm.

I like the idea, although the implementation may be unlikely, unfortunately.

Inga, I read your bio. What a coincidence, I like eating tasty things too. I would LOVE to eat you!

Rylsky and slastyonoff are the best photographer very exciting way of shooting !!! the other photographer are not good.

Inga or Liza by themselves are enough to put a set over the top. Together they are truly magnificent, I specially like the sequence beginning with shot 51 where Inga puts Liza up against the wall,and the sequence beginning with shot 71 where Liza returns the favor, biting Inga's butt while she's down there. In short, I give them both 10++++. Since this shows what a good photographer Leonardo is when he tries, I'm too mad to rate him now,the lazy jerk.

Such blonde, very legs, much sexy!.

I love a two model set when they share a bikini/bra and knickers, I wonder how they decide who goes topless and who goes bottomless?.

Great to see another set of these two phenomenally beautiful girls so soon after the last, it would be awesome to see some more and some more solo sets of Inga are long overdue!.

Inga is awesome for sure, been my favorite from the first set I seen of her years ago, she brings out the best in Leonardo . Liza is defiantly a top 10 too. 10++ for all

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: I love watching these two women together; in a previous set featuring these models, I remember wishing there were more images in which we had good visibility of both women's intimate places at the same time ... wish came true!; this is just one of those sets that was pushing all my buttons. Awesome!

THINGS I MIGHT PREFER: short of back-stage passes?

"We had good visibility of both women's intimate places at the same time"

Amen brethren, this doesn't happen enough in multiple model sets as far as I am concerned.

Inga's most recent solo set predates my membership, so this inspired me to check out her earlier work - holy crap, she's perfect! If the "age when shot" is accurate on this set and she's still actively modeling, it's about time for some more solo stuff.

For a MA girl-girl set, this is pretty damn hot.

She's absolutely gorgeous, I wish I still had yet to discover her archive, not that a re-cap is not delightful though.

Inga is something special. The rating system doesn't say it all...

i'd love to watch these two to go at it....

Nice to see Inga again and Liza is always a welcome sight.
I found this set very captivating. Love Inga in the top and Liza in the matching bottom, especially pulled to the side....
In images 85 and 86, Liza seems to be asking.... "Jealous, aren't you?"
My answer? Why Yes, extremely!


Having two models "share" the two halves of the same bikini is an original, smart and effective concept for a photoshoot. My hat's off to Leonardo, and to Inga and Liza for making it genuinely exciting. ( :

...looking through the set, I find myself feeling jealous of Inga for getting to play with Liza naked, and I feel jealous of Liza for getting to play with Inga naked. ( ;

Awesome. I like when the models look at the camera.

Two stunningly beautiful seasoned models going through a semi-erotic photo shoot with hardly any chemistry between them. It is only after 100 that they gaze at each other .

Always the same! The Girls have more eyes to the photographer than to each other!! As a good example cf. "Tenderness", Eva F. & Silvia B (2006)!!

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