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If they are so into one another, why are they always looking at the camera?

'cos they want to make YOU feel invited into the fun too.

I for one love this kind of set. Two beautiful sexy women? Check. Caressing and squeezing each other, and looking as if they enjoy it? Check. Lots of tempting, enticing looks at the viewer, as if inviting us to join in the fun? Check. 10 out of 10 in my book.

What is not to like? If you want 'more' then there are specialist websites for you. This is MetArt, the style being artistic not gonzo porn crap.

I can see why K and the gang kept these to drool over, specially since Inga has retired.Unfortunately a little naked wrestleing is the most Inga would do, even wearing cowrie shells, which have signified girl-humping since about 10 sec after the discovery of cowrie shells. I gave both girls a 10++++ anyhow, even though they don't go for gold like Danae and Antea over on EA doing "Oil".

It's great to have Inga back. She's one of your most beautiful models. But when are we going to see her alone ?

Take a look at her model page, Buck, and see how far back she was primarily active. I think that's a clue... (same goes for Liza)
I highly doubt we're going to see more material from Inga, hopefully I'm wrong.

Hi guys I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we asked, and K says Inga retired, and these sets coming out once a month are what the Met staff kept to drool over.

  • 2 years ago:

Seadog is unfortunately correct, I am almost certain I will not receive further sets of Inga. I have already asked the photographer if there were any remaining sets of her alone but this is it. I would say that I will do my best to find a girl who is a good alternative however this could never happen. Inga is superbly beautiful and unique and can never be replaced by another.

I hope Inga has a great life after Met-Art and enjoys her time after modeling because I enjoyed seeing her here and always looked forward to her sets.Thanks

Inga and Liza are gorgeous and hot! These MA girl-girl sets, not so much. Any chance we could see them at Sex-Art?

Unfortunately, no. Inga has retired.

Unfortunately, no. Inga has retired.

These two always look great together, however for me this is their weakest set to date, it fails as some multiple models sets can do in that as the models interact with one another they obscure one another, it must be difficult to both have the models interact and show explicit imagery at the same time, Leonardo has done this brilliantly in the past and I'm sure he will do again.

It would have been a really good set if the girls had stopped looking at the camera.

It's illusory. It's the viewer the models look at, not the camera/photographer.

Either that or the camera marks that tell them about camera angles.Looking at the camera is a newbie error, experienced models worry if they are posing at the right angle of exposure for the thigh or breast,so on.

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