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P U F F Y R U L E S ...!

P U F F Y R U L E S ...!

Innes is a remarkable beauty and presents herself here before the camera with incredible comfort, poise and sensual confidence. Outstanding, an instant success!!

One of the things I love about Met Art is that even after years as a member, I still find myself saying, simply, "Wow!" Iness is absolutely "Wow!". She is a stunning subject and the set is totally devoid of the awkwardness you sometimes see with new models. It made me curious about Arkisi's other sets and I have to acknowledge that not only does he(?) have a lot of first-time models, but nearly all of them seem relaxed and comfortable...something that is very hard to capture in a set as basic as a hotel room. I can only hope that Iness enjoyed the shoot enough to want to do more and that both she and Arkesi keep up the good work that makes Met Art one of the best web sites on the planet. Thank you to both of you!

A solid debut display for our newcomer Innes. I like Innes. Tall with Long legs and overall super figure at the top of the list, but those contrasting eye brows (significant as Baggy would say) and pert breasts with puffy nipples are also very appealing. A decent mix of poses, with the proper emphasis on the full body figure.

Arkisi, bring her back for more soon!

I just noticed an inconsistency in the spelling of her name. The set is titled "Presenting Iness", yet her name is listed as "Innes". So which spelling is correct?

☑ Legs all the way up to ass!

as they should be! very nice

Indeed... it would be disastrous if there were a gap halfway up!!!! :D

That's why I gave it a ☑

Agree with metlover. Her breasts are firm, high and beautiful. Shots 43, 44, 45 and 93 are killers! More of this model please!

Make me spend more money Arkisi, and tell me there's more sets of this girl on E.D... $o)

Several videos also... FYI she is a great vocal singer in local rock band - you have to know because you have fallen in love according to comments hahahaha :))))

One "mediocre" set and NO videos!! Way to suck me in!!
FYI...considering the "password" bullshit I had to endure, that was NOT worth the money or the aggrevation!!

Rock, did you check out the other models and vids Arkisi has over there? For instance, if you like Kika, she has a gorgeous video published this week. I think you'll like it...

I've checked out the models and also had time to cool off a bit...lol He does have a lot of my favorite girls and I'm having a great time in spite of my initial reaction to having my expectations shattered! LOL Also, I just asked him for a pictorial of the video he just posted there, and I believe this set IS that for which I ask...lmao!! I need to pay closer attention....at the risk of repeating myself?....? lol ;o)

Yes...I found Kika!! But I still don't care for the videos..

you can easily refund your money, with "password process" I have no any connection with - ask to MA support. It is they who arrange such things...
One of the videos I've mentioned was scheduled in this week btw...

I am seriously in love!! And it isn't funny because I feel like 16 yrs old again and sound like it too!!! Thanks for the info...I must know more. "Local" is something you cannot say, so I will do my best research...;o) I need to hear her sing!! E.D. here I come!!!

WOW!!! I'm in love...AGAIN!! What a sensational new beauty THIS is!!
Love the contrast of the hair and the eye brows! I love just about everything about this girl! I hope we have LOTS of sets coming down the pike! Thank you Inness, for blessing us with your gorgeous self, and Arkisi for finding such a treasure! My heart won't stop pounding!! This could be the end.....


The contrast you mention IS striking.

Maybe the similar contrast is why fans of tan lines speak up when a lady with them appears here.

Hmmmm... May be...

More of her - much more. Please? Pretty please?

Patience, grasshopper

Definitely worth repeating!!! ;o)

More of her - much more. Please? Pretty please?

Wow, Innes was a surprise for me today. I came into the set not expecting much, but I was blown away by Innes' slightly sunburned pale skin, her amazing breasts, her stunning figure, and those super sexy brown eyes. She had my heart pounding in my chest within the first few frames of the set.

My hat is off to some superb work by both Innes and Arkisi. A fantastic debut set on Met! I cannot wait to see more!

Please forgive me if I mistook her eye color. When I tried to ascertain their color from the photos, they looked brown. Perhaps I was distracted by her other features.

Bodies just don't get any more perfect than Iness's. Amazing breasts, great curves, flawless butt - and a perfect pussy. Yeah, the blonde/white hair probably isn't the best choice for her, but looking any hotter than she does today would do permanent damage to my heart.

Great debut.

For long legs like that, I can like just about any hair color.

Very pretty girl but she should stick with dark hair. Blonde doesn't become her.

On someone like her, I'd be happy with it either way!

On someone like her, I'd be happy with me...

I'm with Beauty Lover, with all her other assets, Innes' hair color seems of little consequence, though, I think she'd look fabulous as a brunette.

Amazing beauty, incredible breasts, beautiful ass

Outstanding premier Innes, you look lovely.

I wager that Innes would be very attractive if her hair matched her eyebrows, and I don't mean that she should bleach her eyebrows too.

Thanks to Arkisi for not photoshopping the proof of how much discomfort it must cause the models to go "bare down there"

Welcome to MET Innes, you are an attractive young woman; thanks for posing for us.

I like that striking contrast of her "significant" eyebrows, although she could go with a more natural shade of hair color and still be just fine.

Also agree with the positives of not photoshopping.

Innes is a nice fit in with the Met family.

It is beyond me why such a naturally stunning young woman feels the need to die her blonde. Iness would be even more beautiful with darker hair. Hopefully in time she will revert to her natural colour.

Gorgeous as she is here, I agree - her natural dark hair color might match up better with those lovely hazel eyes. Not only that, but it might better set off that ever so beautifully translucent, pale skin color.

But I'll take her postings any way she cares to appear. Nice work Arkisi and thanks Innes for posing for him for our viewing pleasure.

i have no words.

I count four....lol

Nice and beaiutiful debut for Innes.May we see more of her.


10/10 for both Innes (or Iness?)& Arkisi!

Yeah, come on, Met-Art, which is it. Conscientious catalogers need to know.

Good point, what is the correct spelling of her name (Met Art doesn't seem to know)?

Innes, you are so very pretty. This is a great introductory set. ( :

I think you understate Innes' beaty and allure, but that's just me ;-)

I'm not going to even try to argue that with you, PG! :D

Well...maybe not 'just' you ;o) But would it be possible to OVER state said 'beaty and allure'?? I think NOT! lol ;o)

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