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Many don't care for them, but I've seem to become rather attached to Ms. Schon's style of photography. Sometimes dark and moody, but always expressive and professionally lit, I especially appreciate the sidelit profile shots, be they of a model's face or body (parts), Natasha's work always sits well with me. And as for Ira, I think it's a well-done, set that I'm sure she's proud of. Thanks to both of you!

There's a reason I don't look at the old met art archives and this set might as well be one of them.

people all have noses and people all have opinions, if you don't like the set, ok, just don't go on and on about it.
Move on, there are more sets to look at... surely you must have something more important to do than complain about a set you do not like... and hey, you can always go buy a camera yourself and show us your pictures if you like...

Tell the photographer, Natasha, to save her artistic stuff for another site, please.

How dare she post a set like this on a site with the word "art" in its title... or did you think you subscribed to "MetSpread"?

Awesome girl.

Very beautiful girl and a VERY classy set. One of the best debuts I've seen here yet.

great photography - wonderful work!

This potographer is terrible. her pomposition is bad & she never shows the model in any thing but stupid poses.

By the way over 270 votes on the set. Great response.

It has now been 20 hours since I made my simple, none judgmental comment about this set appearing to be retro. Kilroy and Monkery supported my opinion with real detail and then the divergence of opimion began and kept going. I doubt 48 comments is a record but it is a very significant response. Which IMO is great, most were well thought out and presented good opposing positions without be offensive. The maturity shown speaks loudly to the goal I and my band of old farts have had for "our" section. Thanks to all of you... Ira ended up with a decent mid 8 rating, well above the set's rating, which makes sense with the comments. Over 200 voted on her which is a very good number on a debut. Again Thanks to each and everyone for your involvement today...

Gorgeous lady. Too bad the photography isn't so hot.

Wow, what an out of the ordinary and exceptionally sexy set!

No butt pics =(

Thank God!

Female Photographer. They're sets usually lean towards what a woman might want out of a set. Unfortunately.

Welcome!!! Not a good debut set.Hopefully you will do better in your next set.

I knew this was Natasha's work just by looking at the pictures. This is her style and I like it. I especially love her work with Divina A.

There are some very sensually pics in the set. It's Mrs. Schon manner to
photograph, beautiful art. I like her work. Thank you :-)

As a female i personaly loved Ira J's debute series of hers both the dark shadows and soft lighting enchances her gorgeous face and body very well :) in an old classic MetArt style-Both the shadows and soft lighting dancing of her gorgeous face body breasts fully erected nipples ~~ I simply adore the close up image #16 of her face the different contrast's of the lighting really enchance's her facial features really well!! Specialy image #20 a priceless piece of work by Natasha Schon :) I love the way Ira slowly peels of her top off within both the soft lighing and shadows revealing her breasts,fully erected nipples in different sensual,erotic poses whilst standing up but i have to state that my favourite images have to be the gorgeous close up image of Ira in #94 and images #122-#127 of Ira cupping her breasts with her long back frizzy hair cascading down her body the soft lighing enchancing her gorgeous breasts erect nipples in the right places :)Ira J may not show a glimpse of a smile through out this truely lovely sensual erotic debute set of her but she has a very sensual air about her and Natasha Schon certainly just did that beautifully !!! It's a real teaser for the guys who liked it and bad luck to hose who expect a model/woman to start her first debute series totaly naked with their legs spread wide open and explicite views of their vagina's,labia,lips,bent over rear end shots of their ass's all the time !!! This is truely a sensual,erotic debute by Ira J and a Warm Welcome From Me Ira J stay longer please ok :) :)

... what I've said ...

I knew that as soon as I saw a photoset so moody and sensual as this that many would hate it. This is a different kind of eroticism that we rarely see any more on Metart, and I find it refreshing and enticing. Does it remind anyone else of the films "Emmanuelle" or "Story of O"? It has nudity, though not explicit, and the model herself looks like in the mood and not merely posing. I thoroughly enjoyed these images, for obvious reasons. I did think the comment by someone about the other members being stupid, ignorant, and pathetic was unnecessarily harsh, considering there is already enough hatred directed at those of us who enjoy entertainment such as this. We can disagree without trying to destroy the other person.

I agree with Ouchstopit.


Not really Birthday Cake TwistedTales made some very good points within his comment except there's like nothing else to choose from.I started off with Metart with my late deceased partner with a monthly subscrition but MetArt drew us back every month until he paid a lifetime membership for me and as a female i have found another site outside of MetArt with such a diverse range of new models as well as their veteran models plus Adams "Blog" each too their own i guess Birthday Cake and may i ask what draws you back to MeArt ?? I wonder no offence meant just curious that's all and i'm from Outback Australia...

Some of you guys are so ignorant its pathetic. I would really keep my comments to a minimal if I was some these jerks; that is, in some of these cases; particularly those expressing disappointment for lack of 'pussy shots' etc. (uncouth Nimrods); and, 'poor presentation'; of what should be obvious to any experienced or connoisseur of Met Art models - that Ira is clearly, and definitely, a NEOPHYTE; and judging by her subtle mannerisms associated with her body positioning and exposure, is probably a VIRGIN; and if she is truly 21, should be commended for being so. Her manner of dress is current State of the Art 'unruly/candid/and teen'! I give both model and Ms. Schon a deservedly score of 10; for such an intriguing and radical, (and daring), departure from the current norm of today's nude galleries. I really enjoyed this gallery; I had to take off my 'hide comments'option; because when I saw the rating was below seven for this series, after viewing it; I knew some of the regular imbeciles were at it again. But back to 'hide comments'now; because some of you guys are really pathetic, it makes me want to throw up, you're so stupid; however, in all fairness, some though, are very classy, and exquisitely observant in your comments. However, after 7 years of Met Art, I can't take the comments of the idiots anymore, who seemed to be ever increasing in number.

This is exactly the type of rant we try very hard to avoid here. Calling people that you know nothing about names such a ignorant, pathetic, Uncouth, imbeciles and other such names does nothing but provoke more anger and hostilities and they show your lack of respect for others and your own lack of intelligence.

There are other site in the met network where this sort of "art" is the norm. I would suggest you check them out. Metart has evolved over the years to what it is now which incidentally is the #1 site such site on the net. They didn't get here by not listening to their viewers. The scores this set received reflect the opinion of the majority of viewers on the site and that is what determines what is selected to be posted from week to week. It is pretty clear that your view does not reflect the membership et all. I do not resort to name calling and the majority of commentators try to abide by this "golden rule"

If you can't be civil please turn off your comments and crawl but into your hole.

very well said.

Apart from the 'virgin' part. I wouldn't go that far. But she seems to be unexperienced - which makes this set even more delicious.

I applaud model and photographer for this set.

And the pussy-shot crowd: go to ALS. There you even get cervix shots in all their glory.

Nice rant, and I must admit I agree with a good proportion of what you have said. Some of the comments are a clear example of 'no engage of brain before typing comment'. There are five picture sets today (and one video), and if people want full frontal then the other four sets have that in spades. I think Natasha did a good job of producing a pretty retro set of pictures reminiscent of the early days of Met. Ira is clearly a fine figure of womanhood and I would be glad to see more picture, full frontal or not.

Fear not Hotte, there are still some here that appreciate the more artistic sets.

Photographic imagery is excellent. The model is alluring and very appealing. It's just a shame that the photographer has 'show no vagina' issues that are apparent in every one of the photographer's sets. It's our loss.

I don't really want to see her vagina. I'm not a gynecologist. Her labia is sufficient. It's like I tell my son: if you can't identify what you're looking at you shouldn't be looking at it yet.

And FYI, not showing full spread-legged beaver shots is not a deal breaker for me. I've seen thousands of pussies. I prefer artistic content to gratuitous beaver shots and this photographer really gets the point of MetART, in my humble opinion.

not really... at some point pussies don't matter anymore.

Besides pretty much no model on met-art shows her 'vagina'. Please use the right terms. Thanks a lot.

at some point pussies don't matter anymore????

So sad, I am old but I hope I will never be that old!

not really... at some point pussies don't matter anymore.

Besides pretty much no model on met-art shows her 'vagina'. Please use the right terms. Thanks a lot.

Ira J is a very lovely girl, and she is a Met-Virgin, so Ms. Schon is handling her properly in letting her get nude at her own pace. You only get the best sets when the model and artist are fully comfortable. I agree that she needs to smile but we don't know how much Ms. Schon had to work to get her clothes off. Also Ms. Schon likes Caravaggio's lighting techniques. I think Orson Wells could do it better, but Orson was one of the greatest photographers that ever lived. Check out ""Citizen Kane, and look up Caravaggio's paintings, any book covering Rennasance art will have him. You will also further your art education (P.S. Everyone agrees that Caravaggio was bi polar and used to lose his temper snd stab people on a regular basis. Hopefully Ms. Schon has a better temper or Met is in trouble)

This shoot sort of sums up the challenge that is "how to approach Met-Art" as an erotic image site. It's certainly not your typical, low budget "just show me somebody to fuck" image repository. With a very nice budget, Met sincerely tries to do something artistic with images that are still plainly and intentionally very erotic and arousing. That said, some shoots are going to (and do) wonder more in the direction of just erotic, not so artistic, with tons of spread shots and very little else. On the other hand, some shoots stray toward being so artistic as to lose some (or all) of the erotic impact. Met's approach is a balancing act. And then there's our personal tastes, which are also all over the map. What some of us love most brings yawns from others, and vice-versa. That's Met ... For those of us who come back, it must be working pretty well. And for those who don't, it's not like there's nothing else to choose from.

Wow, I didn't realize how petulant some of the commenters were here. I've been a member since 2003 and this set is very 'old school.' But I don't think it deserves being panned quite so badly -- I it's definitely not a 6.5 set. The only complaint I have is that, once again, all but 1 or two photos are cropped to chop off some body part. (100 and 113 are the exceptions).

Ira J is gorgeous and I love the topless photos (minus the horrible cropping). I hope she returns after the reception she received.

Way too dark ! Turn on some lights !

What does the lighting look like at your home? Bright? Or subdued?

I have looked back through older stuff over five years ago when this photog was a regular contributor. I find the same issues of poor light and gloomy ambience, but at least this set wasn't all yellowed out like many others. Very few sets back then from this photog that I would have kept, and this one is the same way. I find it likely that this is vintage work from the MA closet. IMO, it should have stayed there.

Ira, from what I can see of her, looks to be a beautiful subject. Hopefully she was shot by others, that we might see her in a more positive light some day.

Isn't it amazing what a photo taken in actual natural light, with no blazing spots, like what your own Mk1 eyeball would see in real life looks like? Or is your home and bedroom lit like Times Square?

fully agree.

This is a strangely captivating set. Very elegant and sophisticated. It is more than just a nude female body.
Any of these photos could be printed, framed and sold in the great art galleries throughout Europe and the world. Every young woman should have the opportunity to pose for such beautiful art.

Having said that, I do not think this was a good debut for the model who calls herself Ira J. I would have perfered to meet Ira for the first time in brighter normal light, so we could clearly see her features. I hope MetArt aquired more sets of this young woman and will publish them soon.

Very nice vintage set. The lightning is superb. Photo 98 is very evocative and moody.

I have commented on Natasha Schon's photography before. Every gallery I've seen leaves me with the same feeling of depression. Maybe the next set she does will be in a poorly lit funeral home amongst a background of caskets.

Ira, you appear to be a beautiful woman with some nice features. Perhaps your next photographer will show them to us. I feel sorry that your debut was handled so ineptly.

One of the best erotic (!) sets ever.

It proves how erotic photo shots can be showing a well-proportioned model topless in long jeans (before getting stark naked)!

A recommendation for all the other photographers: topless in jeans!

The worst set I saw on Met Art. Not a suitable way to introduce a beautiful new girl
No smiles, not one single pussy shot and the set was dark and gloomy as was her mood. Is Ira too shy to expose her pussy??This is no way to introduce what looks to be a beautiful new girl.
The quality on Met Art is deteriorating quickly.

Unbelievable nonsens!

The only quality concerns I have - is with the silliness of some comments.


Shades of Arkisi with shooting in subdued light but it has not worked. Repetitive and to be blunt boring.
Ira J is herself a stunner .Next time perhaps .

No smiles, not one single pussy shot and the set was dark and gloomy as was her mood. This is no way to introduce what looks to be a beautiful new girl.

From the looks of it, she is probably not "new" at all. Very dated material.

Personally, I like when a setting plays with contrast on different levels. Some sets, no matter how happy and beautiful the girl is, seem so brightly washed out. A smile would have been nice, but I sense at least a expression of comfort, I guess.

But afterall this is Met-"Art" too

good* I meant

It's at least a god attempt to bring back an old Met art style that hasn't been used a lot.

fully agree. a very gloomy set. is Ira too shy to expose her pussy??

Yet another fantastically lit and composed set by Natasha. She does more with less light than almost any other photographer posting on Met-Art! The fact that Ira J is a newcomer here gives an extra added something to the set. Photo #20 is quite a work of art. Thanks much Natasha and much continued success Ira J!

Welcome, Ira. Your delicate loveliness shows to good effect in this moody set. Please though, next time, show us a little more of your anatomy xx

If the goal here was retro then they nailed it. But retro seems to be just "old" here. This set probably does not present Ira at her best...

I have also been looking through some of the older material from 2005-2006 out of curiosity. This set looks straight out of that era in MA. If retro is what was desired, it is certainly is! This set looks out of time, out of place.

I had a look back at some of the 2005 sets recently (don't ask me why) and this set is very reminiscent of the sets I saw. I think you are correct this looks very retro. I don't know in some ways I quite like it, especially when Ira hints at touching herself.

  • 2 years ago:

This set reads like a series of moments, a recollection of images with that girl you had that one night with. The girl you never imagined you had a shot with, but there you were, luckiest guy on the planet. One night and a lifetime of reminiscing.

Great composition.

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