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Wow! Where do you begin with Irene?
Long, beautiful shapely legs, a nice flat stomach, beautiful pussy though I like them shaved, beautiful breasts, gorgeus lips, nose, hair, and blue eyes you could drown in!
Your "scale" only goes to "10?'
I'd definately LOVE to see more of Irene real soon and from the looks of it a lot of other people would too!

Relax, boys!
There is so much more to Irene than whether or not she shaves a few genital hairs!
What about her beautiful face, lovely blue eyes, those gorgeous breasts - all the work of nature & not some plastic surgeon which you love to dote.
Stay as you are, Irene, you are beautiful, head to toe - ignore those who criticise you - they don't recognise true, natural beauty!!!

Irene has such a pretty pussy, ass and feet. Please need more.

Cant see the forest for the bushes,guys.The fact is you cannot pick up
any girl, throw her against a dreadful washed out background and start a random crazy point and shoot,get 120 disgusting images with an unacceptable cyan color cast,pretending this to be published anywhere.
And last but not least it´s also unacceptable Met art inflicting us such a terrible visual agony.Imho

The Seller

This young lady is rather hard one to work with. I've published yesterday her casting at my site. She is just a little bit relaxed there. Color cast - Alex uses Nikon D800. Color correction becomes way more than tricky with the sensor that camera has.

I'm sorry that Irene is "hard one to work with" because that most likely means we will not see much more, or ANY more of her. That would be a shame....she's very cute and of course has a yummy body....what 20 yr old doesn't! I rather liked this set. Too bad I'm in the minority...as usual! ;o)

The only decision for you and her other fans in such a situation would be to make calls or send mails to K persuading her to take more sets of this lowrated model. Hope this will work.

Thank you. Unfortunately I am nought but a drop in an ocean of "non-alligning" opinions. "Surrounded by Squares" as it were...;o)

Ha ha! If it's any comfort Rock, you and I agree on this opinion, I definitely want to see more of Irene. ( :

;o) Groooovy!!

This chick is a Picasso of pubic hair.
She seems that wants to take the piss everyone.


Yea, me too. WTF???

Alex, you did not notice that the cloth on which sits Irene is censorship?
The cloth covers Irene in its best parts.

A set very sloppy, hastily arranged.
The beautiful Irene deserved a much better set.

Well pussy is nice trimmed, shaved, or natural. But it just looks a bit prickly to me. The neither shaved nor long enough to be soft doesn't make me want to dive in. (But of course I would, I'm not an idiot!)

I do love Irene's slender build and long hair- very nice!

Technical note to Alex. Dude, exposure is important! These are dark, and lack contrast. Cyan cast does not help skin tones, either. Just open any one of these in Photoshop, and look at the levels. Pathetic, not even close to full-range tonality. Tsk, tsk, remember photography is the marriage of technology and art. Don't ignore the basic technical stuff!

(for those wondering, yes I was a pro photographer for 25 years)

Oh please do go on...

I'd hit it.

You'd be arrested.

Again ?

LOL If you say so...;o)

YUMMY!! Tasty new girl!! I vote for MORE!!

I suppose it's probably best that they don't have the thumbs down anymore....................................

At the risk of repeating yourself??? Get over it.

Nice teardrop shaped haircut. Very Good!

I agree.
The shape of the pubic hair does just cry.

This almost has a test shot feel to it, but I like it. Pretty girl, slender build, long hair, (love the hair!).....makes me think of my wife, when we met oh so many years ago.

Irene has a gently beguiling face that draws me in... I want to know her story...
Interesting that she chooses a Lorena B. trim. I wonder if she arrived at it independently, or is doing it as an homage.

I wouldn't call that trim a "Lorena" trim, since it's been around much longer than Lorena - or Lily, who sported that trim a few years before Lorena - has. But I guess YOU can...if you want to...lol ;o)

Lorena just has hair on her outer labia, what I call the "border" style, borders her cleft, but her pubic mound is mostly bare. Irene is groomed and cropped like Lorena, but has her teardrop or inverted triangle on top. Not quite the same up close, but I can see how first impression looks similar.

I guess I call it a "Lorena Trim" because I first saw it on Lorena and she epitomizes it in my mind. ( :

Not a good debut from my POV.

Well get out of your POV and look at it in the house!! ;o)

...reaching, but... + 1 for the effort. ( ;

LOL Thanks....;oD

She poses well but she needs to manicure better.
Come back soon baby and knock their socks off....

Color - light
Dreary fright

her pussy is not even trimmed. very bad


I hope pussies are never trimmed, there is far too much genital mutilation going on in certain cultures!

Now the pubes surrounding a pussy are an entirely different matter. Some trimmed, some untrimmed, whatever works for the lady!

I have often said that tastefully groomed pubes need not impede anyone's view and appreciation of lady bits.

Please adjust the resolution of your monitor and clean your glasses. "Natural" bushes do NOT look like this untrimmed. ;-)

it is trimmed even though it's not enough in my eyes

Very nice debut.Hopefully we can see her pussy shaved soon.

This is almost worse than untrimmed.

Ridiculous! Have you forgotten how "untrimmed" looks?? I'd be interested in how you felt about Lorena's very similar trim...(??)

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