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For as long as Det. Headlopper could remember he had always looking at things in life with a investigative eyes. He remembered his days at the school and life on the playground. He remembered the days when the girls on the playground were always the most fun. As the little boy Det. Headlopper he was always trying to investigate the girls. He tried to stay away from the big boys who acted like they were the kings of the playground and the classroom. The bad kings liked to push and bully the little boys and girls around. The girls of the Det. Headloppers past were always a lot of fun before they grew up. Det. Headlopper tried to remember when the girls changed from the fun girls he had fun with to the girls who always added drama and mystery to their lives. They covered up the fun girls with make-up and used lip stick and war paint for their beautiful eyes. Headlopper had been investigating some of the older girls and noticed that they seemed to be showing their age to soon.
Some of the thirtyish were looking like fortyish girls. The fortyish girls were looking like fiftyish girls and older. Then Headlopper looked at the princess of the past and noticed that they were different. Princess Grace Kelly and Princess Audrey Hepburn were two that the Headlopper grew up with in the land of make believe. He had not known them personally but had always admired their simple beauty and look.
Headlopper noticed that the new princess of today were not growing up the same way and looked different. The princesses of the past looked graceful and elegant. Some of today's princess are trying to win the Headlopper Mumbai bus award for the most colorful and over the top truck award. The simple beauty and grace of the past is missing in some of today's princesses. All of the simple to operate switches and knobs are covered up with too much accessories. Trying to get to the engine compartment on today's princess can be painful and you must watch out for the snagging your tool on their belly. You have to be careful when kissing today's princess too, they may be wearing toxic and poison makeup that's making them look beautiful but may also be doing them more harm to them. Some of today's princesses Mumbai bus look and the over the top truck look is too much for the Headlopper. If he was a princess patrol officer he pull them over and give them a ticket. The ticket would read like this: Primary control knobs, levers, and switches inaccessible, paint and body wrap public nuisance, tires unserviceable and public nuisance, tires not in compliance with body wrapping, tires from unknown planet, tanning to much makes manufactures body panels wrinkle later in life, failure to follow common sense in care and maintenance, distracted driving and failure to look ahead on the road of life. Please sign here dear, your court appearance is when you look in the mirror and decided who's going to drive. Hi Irina, thought you would like this dear. You are in compliance and the Headlopper would love to climb aboard with you and go for a long ride. For the princess in the land of make believe a warning.
Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a dame, Better watch that pumpkin Princess Anne and the clock and speedometer.
From the files of Det. Headlopper

All Woman, very beautiful

Very colorful and festive set. 10's all around.

Irina B. a true ravishing beauty.

Beautiful woman, beautiful set.

Agree with all the accolades for Irina. Happily, she has the rare feature of being ablt to see inside her a bit in some poses. I do have to wonder about why a model would choose not to shave on a photo-shoot day? Stubble does detract from what is otherwise perfection.

Irina is gorgeous. The angles of her face, the shape of her butt, the slope of her breasts... I love the look of this woman.

What a beautiful woman.

Feminine, lithe, graceful and warm.

And, that gorgeous brunette hair !

Just lovely.

Irina is gorgeous and super hot!!! I love how she poses!!! Great set!!!

Erotic glamour at its sublime best:-) Beautiful woman, rich colors combined with intelligent and imaginative photography. Mr. Rylsky, you have surpassed much of your recent work. Brilliantly! (IMHO):-)

Irina has great eyes, a nice camel toe, yummy areolae and nipples, and a really nice butt. Rylsky found a very colorful location too.

Very pretty woman. Charming eyes. And a beautifl trim fit body. Poised and graceful.

I once had a girlfriend who had a dress just like this(sniff),but inside
that dress there wasn´t such a truly stunning creature,unfortunately.
Anyway,now I´ve seen Irina wearing that dress I miss that girlfriend more tan ever.
Technicaly good.Irina is a ten.

The seller

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