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Irina confess me that she is not terrestrial.
She comes from the Venus planet where there are no males, but only females as beautiful as she.

I have to say that this is a case of the photographer holding the model back. Yes there are other things to look at but when you have 8 strait head on spread shots and not one is focused on her lower parts that is unforgivable. Wish they allowed us to vote on the photog and the model separately. I hate having to downgrade a beauty like this because of the photographer. :(((

Hard to imagine how this set got to 8.62! A testament to Irina's beauty, that's for sure.

It has to be on model appeal more than the merits of the set itself.

Irina has such an elegant delicate beauty. It is always a pleasure to see her.

no shots with feet in the air, no close ups, not enough variety. Disappointing photography considering how awesomely beautiful Irinia is. Easy to go crazy shootin' her and enjoying every second of the shoot. Photographer either didn't connect or was sleeping....

Irina is a really beautiful girl - beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful leggs, beautiful pussy.
And it is a lovely series of her.

The only complaint that I have is that there are basically four photos where the legs and the pussy is opened up - but in all four photos the focus of the camera is on the face, and the pussy is slightly out of focus. Granted, the face is superb, but so is the pussy.

Please keep in mind for her next series?

I'm with you. Certainly at this site, many of us appreciate that part of the female body, and IMO it should be included (in focus and/or closeups) as part of a complete photo shoot. It is very frustrating to me to have the focal point on the face in every single shot. Not only that, but it stifles the appeal of variety. It's not the only thing that matters, but hey, if Irina is openly showing it in the picture, why not throw us a bone and focus on it once in a while?

BTW, I think Irina looks much sexier in the latter part of the shoot with her hair down.

I couldn't agree more. How frustrating! Not only is her pussy out of focus, her face is not really sharp either. Not sure if camera movement is the culprit or what, but when you've got a model as enticing as Irina, it's a shame to be so sloppy with the photography. I've said it a million times, if a woman is spreading her legs that is a prime focal point of the picture. Fine if you want to showcase her facial expressions in one shot, but then do another shot with the focus between her legs. To ignore that is ridiculous.

My sentiments exactly

Irina is so beautiful that she sometimes reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. The dress is beautiful and red is a great color for Irina. Fifty two pictures to finally get 100% out of the dress is overkill though. I love Irina's translucent skin and the group of pictures where she removes the chopsticks and lets down her hair. Kudos to both Irina and Oleg.

great set. lovely model

Loved the dress, great set, Irina is perfect as ever.

Absolute perfection. Irina projects a peaceful, zen-like beauty that few models can. She is ravishing from head to toe, flawless as a Dresden doll. But she is also powerfully sexy, raunchy and elegant at the same time. It's impossible not to love her. 10 x 10.

I would much rather contemplate her navel than my own is that still ZEN?

Zen at its most meaningful.

Very risky wearing chopsticks around Sailor!!!!!!

As the big bad wolf said to HIS little red riding hood "All the better to ..."

She thinks she's safe hiding being the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, she's right

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