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I just love to see a woman with tousled hair on the sofa! Irina is still one of the most intriguing ladies to me, on Met Art. Those eyes and that petite figure. Pero, ¿es ello su coño? Yo creo que sí! ¡Sí! Oh, mi! ¡Sí! Eso es una especial, grande coño rosa! Asombroso, Hermoso, poco señora!

très jolie , photogénique et très féminine,une sensibilité à fleur de peau , j' aurais aimé qu' elle affleure la mienne.

Ahhhh, my favorite set of the day!!! Gorgeous Irina in all her glory!!! I luved seeing those sexy panties slide off of her hot little ass!!! Nice work Rylsky!!!

This girl and this set symbolize for me what MetArt is all about.
A beautiful girl, artfully photographed in a creative setting. Perfect!
Irina is one of the girls that keep me right here. "Sets" are good and sets are bad, and some just plain boring, but girls like Irina never lose their appeal whatever 'situation' they put them in. Great set!

Stunning woman...image 89 through 93 are amazing. Irina is one of the top models in my eyes...

Maybe the lighting could've been a little warmer - Irina is looking a bit pale, especially around her face - but otherwise a very nice set. Lots of nice poses showing off all of Irina's goodies. I like the batch of playful headshots thrown in at the end. Lots of great faces on this site, wouldn't be a bad idea to do that kind of thing more often.

I love her slender feminine frame, her pretty face and sexy mouth, and that oh so sweet little ass

Chance neglected for Irina's & MetArt's best photo set ever: always the same poses we've seen some 100.000 times already.
But Irina is a true work of art with the face of an angel!

uuussseee, I don't mean any disrepect, but I'm curious. What poses would you like to see that weren't in this set?

I would have like to see a full body shot with Irina laying flat on her belly legs together with her ass slightly arched pointing to camera with her feet in the foreground and face looking back at us telling us with her eyes to climb on.... This is one on my favorite poses to show off a models legs and the shape of her ass. It is also a pose somewhat neglected by photographers.. Rylsky was close to it in this set but not quite...

Spies if you're talking about a shot like 114 through 118 of Ryanel's presenting set (18 April), that is an awesome pose!!! Great suggestion!!!

Agree with your last statement, but shots 66 & 67 are masterful. The challenge to find a new aspect in each set, even with a model of the finest calibre as here, is huge. Rylsky has a style, better than most in my view, which evolves over time. I'd agree with your sentiment on repetious and predictable formula in many cases, but I reckon its a bit harsh on this one.

Chance neglected for MetArt's best photo set ever: always the same poses we've seen some 1000 times. But Irina is a true work of art in top form.

Well...is it 1000 or 100,000???

Absolute perfection, both luscious Irina, and the fantastic photography. Pussy shots raised to high art, like the perfect butterfly in 59 and the sweet openness of 38. You are totally gorgeous, sweetheart!

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