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Sex Kitten . . . Luv this gal !!!!


Exquisite as always...

Great shots, beautiful girl land what a body right amount of pubic hair, get tired of seeing woman with no hair all the time.

Thank You Flora for this beautiful set. Ira is another Sweety to kiss all over:-) So Softly, so Nice... What for a dream Girl:-)

Amazing! An absolut sexy and sensual set. Thanks for those fantastic pics.
And ,please let the bush grow :-)

Now I will ache forever. I shall hunger. You are the chef, creating and displaying a dish that I will never taste, but ever long for! Gorgeous; just gorgeous...

Irina is a star of the first magnitude in the firmament MetArt.
Irina shows the most intimate beauties of her wonderful body smiling and shyly uninhibited.

The best artists of MetArt have grappled with her.
Even Flora (male or female?) engages with her and creates a exemplary set.

Ambience, lights and colors completely worthy of Irina.
A set completly enjoyable

10+ Irina, 10+ Flora

I love Irina J. One of my favorite models. What I like the most about Irina is her beautiful face.

I do have a lame observation though. This is something that I have noticed across many of her sets. When there are close-ups of her butt, it seems that she is not wiping well because I can see dingleberries.

I know it's lame on my part but that is just something that I find so odd. Maybe she should use wet wipes before a photo-shoot just to make sure the undercarriage is clean as a whistle.

Irina is a beautiful model, perfectly posed and perfectly poised as well.


Irina appears to have enjoyed a bit of love play last night.

Good for her!

Please let you bush grow out to its full beauty. Everything else about you is perfect. That would just complete your perfection.

I agree with what you say, Copernicus.
Sometimes full-length bush, sometimes shaving out,that is my (and yours,maybe ) dream of her.

Irina is a remarkably beautiful young woman and an incredibly talented model. Regardless who the photographer is, Irina can't take a bad picture. She is amazing.

#61, #63, #64, #65. All amazing close up photographs of Irina's moist pussy. Especially #64, I would eat that pussy all day long!

Irena is very sexy with a little hairy look on her pussy.

I meant Irina.Sorry!!!

What a woman, so beautiful, so erotic, just perfect. Congratulation to Flora, you get the best out of this hot girl.

Finally another wonderful photo set of this extraordinary beauty.

... it looks like she's on the shopping channel... an improved version I'll grant you

Who's daft idea was the awful piece of junk on her finger?

Just a little curious, Ianbof... would you feel a little... hesitant... about how you'd phrased that question, if it turned out that the one whose idea that was was Irina herself? Or would you still have asked that question that way?

Lovely Irina, you are the most beautifull girl with wunderfull bright eyes and sweet smile and last but not least perfect body. If I only could say all these to you. Ya ochin Lublu Tebeya :-)

Wonderful set of the spectacularly sexy Irina.
Other than those pretty panties disappearing so early, I loved everything about this set.
Lovely job, Flora. ( :

My favorite angel stretches her sweet secrets wide open. In spite of that, it's that face that's most adorable. You are so completely lovely. Thanks Irina xxxxxx, and fantastic job, Flora.

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