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Uh Tunatown if all I wanted was a crack ho , I wouldn't be at Met-Art how is that 4 real life . Met-Art is suppose to be Perfect hence the f- in name , your a real idiot .

Sounds like he struck a nerve.

By the way, your posts are riddled with errors including your use of the word 'your' meaning 'belonging to you' which was not what you were aiming for there. You should have used the contraction 'you're' meaning 'you are.' You used it incorrectly in this post and in the one below, so when you call someone else an idiot, everyone is laughing at you and your ignorance. Ha ha ha.

Mr. Nilhil : Thank you so very much for your words of wisdom , but the fact remains that the words chosen conveyed the proper Ideal . Since your confessing to the sin of being an English teacher , while butting you nose into a comment that was directed at someone else other than you . It would seem you have personal issues , wanting to be big brother and all . Since you feel TunaTown is unable to speak for himself . I would suggest you setup an appointment with a local psychiatrist.

Oh I have personal issues alright - I take issue with people who display appalling manners whenever I see them.

I am not an English teacher, just a person who has a reasonable command of the language. It is clear that you didn't pay any attention to your English teachers though. Curious that you are able to spell 'psychiatrist' but unable to differentiate between 'idea' and 'ideal' Relying on spellchecker software to avoid even more glaring mistakes?

Idea = to have . Ideal = is to convey an Idea . As in " that's an ideal lease as to " hey I got an idea "

Artwork, it seems English is not your strong suit. And it's really not cool to call someone an idiot here. Seems we sometimes forget why we're here... it's the girls, not the chatter!

Not even close. Get a dictionary.

Irina is a gorgeous woman. Don't know what's going on with her pussy though. It did not look like that in earlier sets. I am not a woman so I don't know what would cause a pussy to be red, dry and crusty. It does not help that the photographer placed too much emphasis on close-ups.

I don't think many of the people that comment on this site have ever seen a real pussy in their life. Live pussy in your face pussy that you actually have sex with. I love the perfect pussies on this site, but really get tired of the folks who come down on the models who aren't "perfect". If the focus is poor then come down on the photographer , but please leave your nasty comments about the model in your unappreciative heads. I'd love to see a nude shot of some of the clowns on this site that comment about perfection.

Ha ha! Too right Tunatown! +1 from me.

+ 1 from me too!

And me as well.

I do usually like the close-ups, but it's true that this is a case where some distance might be better. Good point about the red coloration, not sure what that could be? It's only in spots, so it doesn't seem like Photoshop. Could be a rash or something, but yeah it's not very erotic.

She needs to heal up before doing another set. Must have had some good sex.


The artificial red tint on vulvas makes these women appear to suffer from diaper rash or severe jock itch. The natural look is what separates Met from sleazy porn sites.

I'm sick and tired of the gynecological view. What's next, a camera that they stick inside the vagina for more prudent pictures? I know, I don't have to look at it, and when my subscription comes up for renewal, I won't.


In this particular case I wouldn't miss them but when it comes to my favorite girls I would raise hell for sure. The grooming in this case and the angry red coloration make it not so stimulating but like they say you don't have to look. Check out Leonardo, He seldom ever does an in focus closeup. Natasha Schon, no closeups there. and there are others. In a pay for view site they play to the percentages and the numbers don't lie. The majority likes closeups.

Maybe you should try Esquire, Vogue, OUI?

I guess when muffdiver goes diving, he keeps his eyes closed?

Ironic that your handle is muffdiver, haha. Some of us think those views are delightful, and many of the shoots are much tamer. If Playboy is still being published, it may be more to your liking.

must be shaved!

Must learn some fucking manners!

You tell 'em nanny!!!

Hear hear!

Also take note this set is only 1 of several here lately that's not been what is on par for the model . Example : the recent Caprice and Anna Aj . Met-Art must be down-sizing or cost cutting to save a few dollars , but they need to understand you don't change a Lexus into a Pinto an expect the same user experience , other words your going to lose customers .

I do Like Irina and I have all her sets . I hate to say I did not like this set . Why ? Well it seems they either forgot the body paint or she really let herself go . Irina is a beautiful woman , but in the set where she give you a full rear view I swear I've seen that creature in a horror movie .

Good god, man, how crude.

Here is something from a movie for you:

'You have the manners of a goat!'

A nice illustration of a "nanny attitude"...

pussy parade - I am sure some will like it.

Pussy DOES rule!

Very sexy set - very sexy girl

Looks to me as if that pussy has seen some recent action.....!

You're not alone there...

I respectfully abstain.

The hell you do.

The hell you say!?

If you 'respectfully' do anything, you don't talk in the manner that you do, so no respect.

If you 'abstain' you don't comment. You commented all over the place, so no abstention either.

Get it?

What I "get" is that you're a twirp... No disrespect... ;o)

That is your opinion, and you are welcome to it. I am glad to be thought ill of by someone like you. It means I am doing something right. :)

I have a very low opinion of you too after reading your revolting comments on this thread. Plenty of disrespect intended.

Yep....you're doing something right...keep up the good work.

And if you think that what I said before is "revolting", you're probably happy that my agreement with bikeman4 didn't sound something like "Yeah...she looked freshly fucked to me too.."... You don't get around much do you??

I don't get around to the underside of rocks, and I am quite happy that way.

Yeah....I heard ignorance is bliss....

Ponitail always works for me...so does furry crack.

The ugly hair and the shit stuck to her anus made me give her a "2" for this expose.

How can you be so vulgar? You are writing about a 20-something year old lady. I am sure she knows how to operate a bar of soap and a wash cloth.

It appears she may have missed a spot...no??

I am not in the habit of zooming in on and gawking a the young woman's anal area, but I did so today in reaction to your comments. I see nothing that would suggest she is unclean. She does have dark skin in that area, like Kei A and Chandra A. This dark skin and discoloration is normal and natural. It is not caused by her hair. Here are some questions for you. Do you shave yourself? Do you have fecal matter hanging on you? If you are unsettled by Irina's inimate parts, why do you look so closely? If you do not like models with hair, why do you bother to click on the gallery and view it? Could it be that you just enjoy writing rude and nasty things about young woman who live on the far side of the world? May all the women in your life have pretty pink rectums for you. Have a nice day.

I only enjoy writing rude or nasty things about people whose heads are in the sand. Your "personal" questions are a bit creepy, but in fact I DO keep myself clean which includes removing most body hair. But that's entirely beside the point...and the point is that Irina is NOT clean in this set. If you can't see that, you're clearly not looking close enough. If the models didn't want the viewers to "gawk" at their anus, they certainly would not spread their cheeks and stick it right up at the camera to be photographed. I'm not unsettled by Irina's intimate parts at all, in fact I like them very much, but the fact is that her anus is not clean in this set and it has everything to do with "hair". And if you have a problem looking at the anus of these beautiful girls, maybe you have issues that you haven't explored...or even discovered. It's part of their body and many of them are very willing to share it with us. And when one of them is "neglected" before a shoot, and a viewer points it out, they don't deserve to be ridiculed for it. A "high horse" is no place to be on a site of this nature...please dismount.

THANK you, Neil.

Your ugly mind and the shit coming out of your mouth/keyboard made me sick.

He wasn't very tactful about it, but he's not wrong... This happens way too often, with several models. It's not his mind that's ugly, it's poor hygiene on display as erotica. If THAT doesn't "make you sick", a mere comment on the subject surely wouldn't...

Yeah.... A risk they take when not shaving. Such a shame...Irina's a beautiful girl and I used to look forward to her sets...:o(

"Such a shame. . .I used to look forward to her sets"

The shame is on you and your "my way or the highway attitude"!

Just as you are supportive of young ladies' right to do what they want to their body in the form of tattoos and piercings, I support their right to grow their pubic hair if they wish to.

At least not shaved, trimmed, waxed, lasered, and any other way a lady wants treat her pubic hair is temporary and can be changed to suit her current fancy.

I said NOTHING about the highway!! I expressed my dismay at her "current condition". If you don't like my comments, don't read them!

Read my lips!

You can not have it both ways.

You have to right to be a fan of tattoos and to support the models who choose to get tattoos. I accept the model's right to have tattoos if she wishes and no longer complain about tattoos. I have never complained about piercings.

I have the right to appreciate pubic hair but I do not piss and whine if the model chooses to differ. They are her pubes and she can do whatever she wishes to them.

As to "my way or the highway", you may not have written those words; but your written attacks of anybody who disagrees with your likes are legendary.

I will read or shun your posts as I see fit, not as you order. My choice depends entirely on the tone and civility of your future comments.

I am finished reading anything you write in THIS is thread unless someone whose opinion I respect advises me that you have written something worth reading.

To shave or not to shave… Do whatever you like, Irina. The woman in images 38-40 can do no wrong. xoxoxo


Great set! Sure would like to see her do some work in THE and SexART

TLE . . . The Life Erotic, not THE

TLE . . . The Life Erotic, not THE

Strange, Viking wants Irina to let her hair grow. kkronful wants her to shave. Roger wants to kiss her shaved or not. What is Irina supposed to do? She has done many shoots with hair and many sets neatly shaved. She has done many sets with her hair trimmed. I can not imagine how she could satisfy everyone every time. But Irina is so beautiful, so enchanting and so very sensual, it seems to be a shame to make her inimate grooming the only aspect of a comment.

As for me, if Mother Narure put it there, how can it be ugly? If Irina or any other model thinks she looks better all shaved and waxed, that is nice too.

Very well said, Neil, thank you!!!

What for a smile Irina:-) Shaved or not, Ira deserves Kisses all over... So Sweet like a Strawberry Lollipop... God job from Flora. Thank You to exist Irina:-):-):-)

I think that lollipop is 'dingleberry', not 'strawberry'...

Just, "ewwwwwwwww"

That was my reaction as well... I don't pay to see that sort of thing. In this business, 'preparation' is of primary importance.

Irina please shave

kronful, that's actually a pretty insightful comment. If Irina had been shaved for this set, it would be a beautiful set like so many others of hers, and all this nonsense would not have taken place... But maybe we should "mind our own business"...??

Flora captured her Inna J's beauty very well in some Magnificent images in both sexy provacative sensual secerne poses lovely close ups of her gorgeous face beautiful eyes sexy eyes as Inna spreads her long slender body across the bed the light enhancing her lovely body and facial features :) but as a female i would like to see Inna J shaved it would enchance her gorgeous round derrier and pussy alot better each to their own views i guess ? A few days growth does'nt hurt i surpose ( Sorry Inna ) but i do love the way she slowly strips off her her sexy lingerie revealing her lovely small breasts until totaly nude with some magnificent views of Inna J's cute derrier as well as her with her legs spread wide open but images #24-#29-#35-#49- did the trick for me with her gorgeous face and sexy smile of hers :) as well as the lovely secrene pose's of Inna J laying on the bed with some very magnificent images and close ups :) :)

Irina is 100% solid gold, pure and concentrated, highly polished, perfectly refined erotic sensuality. I do not think it is possible for her to take a bad picture, no matter who operates the camera. She has produced a huge body ofwork, with several different photographers. When any photographer books Irina J, he or she can be confident that it will be a successful photo session and a nice day. Irina J is just that good.

One of Flora's best so far .Technically and visually superb close up shots .talk about pussy galore :-)
Wow !!

Lily and Irina on the same day? Met Art and K are spoiling us! That smile in picture 24 is enough for me, the other 131 images are a bonus.

Hi nihil :) I have to agree with you on that one ! MetArt and love K is surely spoiling us today that's for sure :)

Let the small pubic hair grow out dear...

Mind your own business.

If it's not his business to make a comment, just what is YOUR business??

It is not the business of Viking, you, me or anybody else what Irina does with her pubic hair.

But it was ok for kronful to ask her to shave...? lol

That's correct, but why do YOU feel it's your business to judge everyone's comment, or their "manners". "Mind your own business" is the single most ridiculous comment I've seen on here yet, and I've seen (and made!) some pretty ridiculous comments.

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