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my favorite of this set is #118

They just don't come any sexier than this, my first true love here at met. Those last two shots just knock me out!! What an angel!!! I wouldn't be able to stop kissing that sweet-as-honey face!! Very nice outdoor set Flora! I look forward to all of your work this year...:o)

The pictures are not really good enough for divine Irina.

I just calibrated my monitor (New Year resolution,) and Irina looks so fresh, and pretty out on her nature walk..... Love to join her

The little bit of hair offers just a hint of what could be.

Ceoil is Fabulous all the way through her photos :)

Thanks, Flora, for a different look at the lovely Irina. It's an outdoor set, but I think it is done well and you kept it interesting for me.

pic 60 - somebody could not resist the temptation....

hmmm? Am I missing something?

yes, you are missing a biting midge on her food.

Thank You Flora for this set with this beautiful Angel... Irina is the perfect strawberry milkshake for the start in 2014:-) Sooooo Sweet and Angelic is this Beauty:-) Kisses all over and happy 2014 Ira:-):-):-) Happy 2014 to Flora too...

Flora, thank you for the lovely New Year's gift. Irina is a charming start to 2014. xoxoxo

A new year kiss for my lovely darling x

Myshkin, since you declared yourself first, you've got dibs. But I get to give her a kiss too. :)

At this rate the poor girl's gonna be drowned in kisses before New Year's Day is even a quarter over. ( :

:-) but sweet kisses are healthy...

If I were Irina, I'd run. : )

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