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Michelangelo, that Italian, could not have sculptor a more fine female figure than than this woman. I will leave it up to debate. My vote is cast.

Not much to debate. Only male figures with detailed form.

I like Irina's new look in this set.

Looks like a fly is hanging out in Irina's kitty on picture 102. Who can blame it though, that kitty is looking healthier than before.

Hmmm Someone likes the close in shots! Good eyes!

A good day for our anonymous (for the moment) artist. Perfect light. Perfect model. The contrasting textures of the tall grass and the large leafed Angelica are an excellent background (more opportunity than a carpet, say). The thin crinkle fabric of the shirt, with rough cuts in the sleeves and across the bottom: used to good effect (see 27). It doesn't just disappear -we get to see it come off. The skin tone of this model, always glorious, is really well shown here. We get to see real skin. The slight hint of a birthmark on her upper arm. The indents left by what she was wearing before. Interesting and varied poses (thank you for those of the back). I even think the necklace adds, though I usually hate them.

It all conveys a sense of the impromptu. Like the weather turned unexpectedly warm for our artist and muse: "Hey, last warm day, let's have some fun."

For me this is photography classy and well done.

Thanks to our model. Any discomfort from chill or itching did not show.

But photographers, please! Fingers and elbows, knees and toes.

I'm sure there's a reason for the crazy angles on pics 16 to 20 and 75 to 80 but I can't figure it out

Beautiful set. I think I'm in love with Irina.

Irena J is a very good outdoor model, and is quite lovely. Since Flora says above that this is not her set ,I don't know whose it is. Whoever it was, they did not photoshop her face where she has a large mole under her left eye. I guess we'll have to ask K what sets were supposed to go to the programmer.

Hi guys Flora has done a Similar set where Irina is using the name Afrodita, but it's definitely not this set. I think it was on EA if I remember correctly

I see that the staff has corrected the mistake. Ivan Herrin is very good photog and I give both him and Irena a 10++

I don't generally care for outdoor stuff, but I absolutely adore Irina.
I like this 'different' look she shows in this set, and regardless of who the 'artist' is that produced it, I LIKE it!...:oD

We can agree on this one!

The setting has never been for me. I like some outdoor sets, this one no. My biggest complaint like always is very few full body shots.

I counted at least 30, and I excluded every one where I noticed a missing part. (and there were lots of missing toes).

Very sexy girl - nut she reminds me of my ex G/F (a much young version)

I think this is a mistake. This set is not mine:)

We don't know. On the title it's Diody from Flora...

Yes, I see. Likely incorrectly stated authorship :)

Mistakes happen, it's the life:-)

yeees) I'm not upset about these)

What a lovely, confident, self-assured smile this woman has!

Looks like same photo shoot by Flora which is on today's Errotica -Archives .Irina J is Afrodita .

I thought that Irina J and Afrodita were different women, but I could be wrong

Pink nails in the other. But the hair tint looks the same, the ring looks the same, the grass here looks to be brome, and the hay in the other is probably the same. The light is the same -cloudy.

Thank You Flora for Your Set:-) Irina looks very Pretty as always... In this Set with a little bit mystery... Thank You to show us Your Pearl Body Irina. You make our day better:-) Kisses all over Sweety:-):-):-)

A pleasant visit from an attractive woman. Apparently it was a cool autumn day.

This is a different look for Irina. She is always so very pretty, but in this set her hair and makeup seems different. The setting looks almost tropical. I wonder where this set was shot.

Yes, she looks definitely different. I just looked at her set with Virginia Sun ("Ask me"). There both girls were amazing. It also had a nice build-up featuring the girls teasing you with their dresses, then completely naked to end with a trip to... a local flea market.
But the way she looks different here, is in her lack of enthusiasm. Usually she looks excited / tender / concentrated... She can give you lots of different looks, but - well, not this time.

That lack of enthusiasm could be called serenity. )) one thing that is different about Irina is her mole is visible. If it worked for Cindy Crawford.....

Temperate fall, winter is coming. A last nude hurrah for this location. Brr.

I am not so sure. Look at the tall green tree stalks and broad leaves. They seem to be tropical plants. Too bad Flora can not shed some light for us. You may be correct.

(Bromus riparius), that grass is called Brome.
Though native to Russia, taken for horses
all over the globe.

Leaves turning color, seed heads mature,
our model has goosebumps, yes autumn for sure.

Tall plant with large leaves: no tree there, but forb.
Those flowers say "carrot", so what should I guess?

It's Fam'ly Apiaceae now high on my list.

Having searched Google, I'll tell what I found:
What caresses our model?
That's Hogweed (Caucasian), true threat on the ground!

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