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She has perfect armpits.

Not a single image in focus. Sorry to have to say it, but the entire set does not live up to what we've come to expect from Met-Art.

the delightful way in how she presents her self, full body exposer, she is a woman of supreme desire.

Nice legs --

Even if he did shoot them outside.

Another wonderful set of the beautiful, elegant Irina. So slender, so sexy.

The extended series of full panty shots, especially the rear views, are quite awesome - more of these please..

Irina deserves a 10 for HER, but the set is just OK because the photographer blew it too many times. Focus is my main complaint, far too many times he chose poorly as to focus, and trying to pick a midpoint and hope for the best doesn't work either. When you've got a good pose with competing assets (gorgeous face or gorgeous pussy), why not take 2 shots? Doesn't seem like you need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out, but it's a frequent problem.

I will low rate this set but not because of Irina but of the photographer.

Very underrated set. She is simple gorgeous.

Irina's beauty could raise the dead... She certainly got ME up this morning!! This is indeed a beautiful set of a gorgeous woman, but then Irina has NEVER disappointed me!! Happy day to all who hold it Holy. ;o)

I spoke way too soon....like just after cruising the thumbs, but the actual photos suck!! I'm very sorry that Irina had to work with such incompetence. I've seen some good Morenko sets, but this is NOT one of them!! Bummer!!

The belly-button closeup #68 baffles me. Without the context of Irina's body, it is just a waste of 'film'. Then there is the butt-crack closeup #75 ???. Not a lot of variety in posing in this shoot, yet Irina herself is fine as ever. The setting is even decent. To top it all off, a short set of only 89 shots. I'm a little disappointed in this one myself.

I'm thinking it's an old set... Irina looks very...fresh. She's so gorgeous....

Love the panties! Irina fills them out well....

i lover her with panty and i adore her without panty.
Irina needs to gain a bit of flesh (5 Kgs)

I agree with Neil. I am not usually a big fan of panties ( I like skirts with no panties ) but that shot of Irina crouching down and prettily looking over her shoulder , is extremely sexy. Her panties are transparent. Very nice. She is a beauty.
As to the water, it could be anywhere. Russia is full of lakes and rivers.
Tell us all about them, Irina.

I forgot... You're right H WU, Russia this Year have Easter the same day like West Europe.. Today.... Happy Easter Irina too:-)

A very nice set by Morenko outside:-) The Princess of the Fairy Tales River's is back:-) Her Smile and Her Beauty are totally Cute... Adorable Irina:-):-):-) Kiss kiss...

Irina is saying Happy Easter Sunday with this set.

It is risen.

OMG, delicious panty shots! Yummmm ( :

Remember, panties are not the greatest thing in the world--but they ARE the closest thing to it.

Irina is a beautiful young lady, with a lovely face and gorgeous slender figure. It is always a treat to see her. I wonder what is the body of water in the background. Could it be the Volga River. I know MetArt is not a travel and tourism site, but with beautiful Irina as the tour guide, it could be. :) I liked irina's plain white panties, with a full seat. That is what women wore before thongs took over the world.

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