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Irina has posed for many artists. I prefer the early ones where she displayed significant pubes and downy hair.

That said, Irina is a beautiful woman no matter how her pubic area is presented! I do miss the presence of much of her delightful downy hair.

There are two old sayings that are definitely applicable to lovely Irina: it's all pink on the inside, and pussy rules (especially Irina's with its' clitoral hood)!

Many thanks to Irina and Team Rylsky for this rather short visit.

Another incomrable Rylsky model perfectly posed in a perfect setting I'm sorry but it was overlit. Irina diserves better. I gave a 10+.

Irina is known as Afrodita in other parts of the Met universe like EA.Check it out.

In going back through some of her old sets I found Amovias to be excellent. The lighting is subdued and romantic and her bush is trimmed to perfection to create a very natural and yet well groomed look that I like very much.

My all time favorite of Irina is over there...Wall-Paper, ironically, from an artist I have no knowledge of, or other experience with. It sounds like it's probably a women, but you never know. Everything about that set is perfect as far as I'm concerned. The colors are perfect and the lighting and Irina's posing...just perfect! And her hair kinda swings between curly and straight...lol I like it any way she fixes it. I like her every way she comes!

Actually it's on EroticBeauty...D'OH!

Complements to the beautiful young model for trying. Unfortunately way, way too over lit. There is no shadow for the muse to play with to reveal her curves, no sculpture emerges from over-exposed prints of an otherwise stellar photographer.

My dream girl . . . Perfect and inviting in every way.

What year was this set completed 1865? Crappy lighting, all in all very crappy

That filet mignon needs NO A-1 sauce!

This set looks older than me! And I look pretty damn old!! But Irina looks yummy as ever! They just don't come any cuter!! And this is "my" standard by which all PP candidates are measured! They just don't come any more scrumptious than this!!

Who knows how old it is? Only Rylsky. Irina has been a model here for many years so this could be a set that has been languishing in the vaults for years. I would bet on it because the Rylsky I know would not publish such a disappointing set.

If it was in the MA vault, he wouldn't have much to say about it's publication...;o)

  • 1 year ago:

Hi All,

Yes I have to admit I found this set in my archives. I don't have much of Irina left, as far as I know she is no longer modeling. I simply could not pass this one up because it was a bit outdated. I have been combing through the files in my database trying to make sure I haven't missed anything with special models that are no longer with us. Do not worry though, there are not many older sets remaining!


You said "Do not worry though, there are not many older sets remaining!"

For me that poses the question ~ Is the glass half full, or half empty?

Lucky for you, you can soon quit your searching your database. Unlucky for me, that means there are only a few more visits from beautiful Irina to look forward to.

Is there by any chance one or more of Irina's work with Tony Murano in the few remaining older sets?

We...that is I, don't mind older sets K, as long as they measure up, in some degree, to today's quality. This one is not terrible in my opinion. Thanks for chiming in...;o)

A member of the PP club for sure...hard to beat pics 76-80--wish I could come home to that every day! Although I may never leave the house in the first place!

Agree totally RJinCO! LOVE shot # 83 also! Such a beautiful PP! Nice little puckered asshole too!

This girl is so hot, she even makes Rylsky seem like an exciting photographer!

Paint? What paint. I see no paint . She is not wearing much makeup as far as I can see.

Compare this set to her previous set "Ceoil" (image #70 is a good example), this may be what noman is referring to.

what crap, feel sorry for her being ruined with paint

I love her cheeky little smirky smile . Young babe.

I like this Set by Rylsky:-) ♥Irina♥ is a Goddess сладкая from Head to Toes:-) Absolutely Gorgeous and kissable ♥ ♥ ♥ Come back soon Ira, please...

Rylsky excels at capturing Irina's open, natural innocence, while also nicely photographing her juicy goodness. Very good set of our sweet Irina.

Really annoying to see this wonderful adorable model Irina in poor bleached out dilettantish & amateurish photos!

Uncredible waste of resources!

What a crap of a photoset!

You just love bashing Rylsky! Admit it!!! LOL

Do YOU think these pictures are well done?

Way to harsh with the lighting but Irina is fantastic as always.

You simply could not be more gorgeous! You get lovelier each time!! xxxxxxxx

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