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Again I did not show my post in its entirety ...
Irina J is one of my favorite models.
Always I am glad that I can see a new set of her participation.
Thx Rysky for this good set.
Well done!

I knew I was going to give this set a 10 half way through the 4th page. Some of the shots of Irina moved me. I would have included Irina in my favorites, but already there. Faced with captivating pictures of a beautiful naked young woman, I am astonished there is so much bitching.

I know, right?!?

I see the Troll is blathering again --

that's what they do.

It's not the size of the pussy, it's the loveliness of the pussy and woman! Thank you Irina!

Irina is the very symbol of MetArt to me, and this beautiful set is part of the reason. No matter who shoots her, she is the pinnacle of beauty and sophistication. Her smile could not only stop a freight train, it could blow that train right off the rails!! And I know this by the effect it has on me!! ;o) They just don't come any more seductive or beautiful than the exquisite Irina J!! And the galleries don't get any better than this either...great job R!!

Totally Agree . . . Irina is my all time favorite !!!

Well done Rylsky!!! ♥Irina Blue♥, oh my Doll!!! Every day younger!!! Adorable from Head to Toes, Miau ♥ ♥ ♥

Today is obviously "Uber Cutie Day" at MetArt...turnout appears to be 100%!

I have frequently given an opinion along the lines of "our model looks just fine when we can see the top of her head". I see I need to add a bit of clarification: Our model looks just fine when we can see the top of her head, especially when the top of her head is attached to the rest of her head.

Fixed. Entertaining while it lasted.

Very nice set of one of my favorite models. Wonderful face and nice tight body. Nicely done technically with a nice variety of images. Nice.

I love bottomless shots like #15. Irina's little smile indicates there's maybe a little bit of sexy awkwardness. :)

She is cute , cheeky little tart . My kind of girl.

What can I say? I really love this set!

A vast quantity of wonderful photos of one of the most beautiful model in the world.

10/10 for both Irina & Rylsky!

Picture #110 is ruined. :(

Amazing when She is on all fours, sticking out her beautiful butt and pussy...

WOW!!!! Gorgeous, simply, maybe the best nude-model today.

Perfect girl or illusion?
Rylski often overdraws his idea to create error-free princesses and in my opinion rather lowers the charm of some models.
Just Irina J. He mostly erases all of her skin "imperfections" like a fanatic plastic surgeon-why? We all know from other galleries that she has many pigmented moles. So what? Unfortunately with the area-wide manipulation of whole body parts by today's technical capabilities also other details of skin and withit a strong part of Irinas erotic force becomes lost. I prefer the more natural mode because I like to see human beeings not illusions.

To add, I wrote this originally one day before in regard to Irinas last gallerie by Rylsky. There were other aspects of criticism I'll not exaggerate. I'd like to add on that we owe many galleries with nice models with a more reduced picture editing to Rylsky too.

And yet many of us seem to be feeling the impact of Irina's "erotic force" quite well this morning.

i.e. Not a problem.

Prettiest pussy in the business.

Hard to argue with THAT!! ;o)

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