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Thank you for showing Irina's foot in picture #84... Hope this applied to ALL Met Art models....


Irina is gorgeous and hot!!! I luv her freckles!!! This set has an excellent variety of poses. Hard to find any flaws.

she's simply the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Movies, please.

  • 3 years ago:

Excellent framing and composition. I especially appreciate the subtle use of color to paint the story ... a day at the beach, without actually being at a real beach with the problems that outdoor shoots bring. The blue is the sea and sky, the beige the sand, and the green netting grass. The overall effect is very serene without distracting from the model's beauty at the same time allowing her to be comfortable in a controlled environment.

Well done.

Irina's one of the girls here that have a certain 'look' that tells me they'd be a hell of a lotta fun to be with...and not just 'sexually'.

I always enjoy drooling over Irina's sweet little ass.. Not crazy about these "plain colored background" sets....but like I say, here to look at the foreground! ;o) Good quality pics. Nice set overall.

I like this model lots! Moreover, this set is pretty good too with some great clear photography and many great poses. This model had a set posted on this site by Majoly in the summer of 2012 which for this model set some new firsts big time - and I am eagerly awaiting to see more sets of this model photographed by Majoly in the near future.

Great recommendation, tintin: a truly stunning set!
Cheers and thank you for sharing the great taste.

Por Dios,Antonio! This awful background color is wasting the model´s beauty.The girl is not bad,but the set is obnoxious.Horrible.1

Good work; "10"!

3453 More shots like that please

If you look in your armpit, you will find that hovering over the thumbnail will bring up a notation in your browser telling you what number image it is. Referring to it by the file SIZE (3453 is KB) is worthless. Of course, all I need do is scan the set for armpit stubble and I will find the shot you are looking for.

Image number 90 looks good enough to eat!!

Great smile and attitude of model. Photographer captures the model's personality and the poses are erotic and pleasing.

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