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Wenn ich Irina ganz nackig sehe, wird mein Spatz immer sofort ganz steif...

Geil, mein Spatz wird ganz steif...

Take a look of irina at 18 only girls "Zaya"

What is truly great about this set, is that - no matter how explicit the poses are - Irina always keeps some kind of innocence.

When you look her up at indexxx.com, the above becomes even more amazing.

I don't know if this set was something left on the shelf. Irina has only done two shoots in 2014, including this one (the other one is a hardcore set).

Great to see an update of Irina O after such a long time. She has perfect high arched feet, beautiful curves on her body. I hope to see more updates of her often. Good photoset! Hopefully some movies of her will also be posted.

Without looking, it seems like a long time since Irina's last set...
She's a doll! I've always enjoyed her sets... And her uninhibited nature! :oD

It is possible this set was shot at the same time. There is no way to know how long it's been waiting for it's turn

Rock, you're right - 10 months ago was her previous appearance. Also an Irina-O fan, never a boring set from this doll.

  • 1 year ago:

Irina always makes me hard!

Sweet little body and cute face with the freckles.

Anybody remember Stephanie Zimbalist?

Oh yes! I had the hots for that lady!

Yep! My first wife looked like Stephanie... Wouldn't agree that Irina does. But I can see how she would remind you of her though...

Yea, and my first wife looked like Farrah Fawcett!

What a coincidence!! My second wife WAS Farrah!! ;o)

I was always tempted to call her Stephanie Zimbalist, Jr.

Freckles, beautiful eyes, cute face, mini puffs, downy hair, pleasing transition from waist to hips; Irina has been blessed with a very nice "package" and I feel blessed to view it.

I always enjoy images like 123, 124, and 125, don't ask me why ~ I probably couldn't explain the attraction.

Thank you Irina, thank you Alex.

I really like Irina. She has a great attitude, perfect body, gorgeous eyes. She is beautifully photographed here by Alex. Great set.

This is the same shirt,(different color) as some previous sets. Same poses too. I think Alex Sironi has run out of ideas for Irtna . That's too bad, she is very beautiful. I gave them both a 10,no originality.

I meant Irina of course.

My guess is that the original photo-shoot ran to several hundred good pics and he simply wants to get his money's-worth.

You know what they say -- "Waste not, want not."

I think it more important the WE get our money's worth!

Irina has a lovely warm smile & always seems to be enjoying her work. The freckles are so attractive

She also has the most beautifully formed athletic body, with long muscular legs - one could almost imagine her on the home straight in the womens 400!

In fact Irina in athletics kit - now that could be a terrific set....

Nothing to complain about here! Sweet girl next door with freckles, pretty eyes and a great body! No shrinking violet either! Irina is a treat for these old eyes!

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