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beautiful girl. Deserve better pictures

I think I just found the perfect matchup for a Sofi A set. DO IT DO IT!

A really great set and a truly beautiful model. I. too, however prefer indoor sets and hope that we will soon see you posing so seductively on a bed.

Hey! Don't I know you?

She is also known as Ella C.

More of her. Please!

Gorgeous girl - great first set. Can't wait to see more!

I'm loving those splendid boobs and those eyes, nice debut.

A beautiful girl, but a little TOO 'well endowed' for my taste. However...that being said...for some reason the set is very appealing to me... Maybe it's that beautiful face and that scrumptious butt!!! Nice debut at any rate... I could get used to those melons...maybe... There ARE some models here whose breast size is irrelevent to me... Isabella just may be one of them...(?) I'll reserve judgement on that for now. Good start....looking forward to the next.

Definitely not my kind of woman.

NOT my kind of photographer!!

Man! if this is not your woman liked it when I fungus write a comment here...

Definitely not my kind of comment. Idiot.

Isabella is to die for! OMG she would be any man's dream come true. I feel priveldged to see her in such an intimate way. And thank you for the view inside, it is truthfully where we all want to be when all is said and done.

Amen to that Red!! We all begin life coming out of there, and us men spend a large part of that life trying to get back in!! ;o) It's nature's way!!

What a wonderful smile Isabella has, and it seems to say so much about her. Isabella's quite like Sofi, in the sense that she has an astonishing figure, and you wouldn't want to miss seeing it, but she seems so grounded and warm and lively that it would be fascinating to just watch her face as she talked on the phone.

Goncharov is very good, or very lucky, at finding models like Sofi and Isabella, beautiful, graceful, and physically spectacular, but particularly striking for the spark they seem to bring to living in the world. Ar his best, he trusts his subjects to be interesting and complements them, or discovers them, rather than imposing himself on the material. The welcome restraint in using makeup here is one obvious example.

This series doesn't quite seem to find its rhythm, which is hardly surprising the first time around, but that should sort out pretty quickly. It has some gorgeous images, such as picture 71. I hope that we'll see a great deal more of Isabella.

Beautiful woman. Simple, hometown look with very little makeup. Magnificent body and Goncharov did not forget to give us some great front view leaning forward shots, with a clear view of those wonderful breasts. (69, 77, 78) which for some reason are hard to come by on this site. Thank you!

Isabella; what beautiful name and her name fits perfectly! Pretty face, gorgeous green eyes, fantastic figure, beautiful, big breasts, luscious legs and she opens so beautifully! In the first set! Es bella! Isabella, Isabella es justo tan bella! Isabella, usted tiene tus hermosa labios abrir. Isabella, eres una dulce, exquisito rosa adentro! Isabella, eres tan bella cuando dejas que tus labios se abierta, tu rosa es justo hermosa! Isabella, bella Isabella, Gracias por abriendo!

a good set. i prefer indoor sets especially in bed

I have been waiting for a day to see if Isabella's left breast is a wonderful as the the right one. It is and that gets my day off to a great start.

Welcome, sweet and sexy. With those amazing lips it's an open and closed case. Well, closed and open ... :)

Despite of being an outdoor set,Isabella´s presence makes it wonderful.

The seller

That's a big girl (well endowed)! Great addition to Met. I would love to see an indoor set of this beauty. Picture 63 is so inviting.

Yes, I agree, The whole sequence of 61, 62, 63, 64 are fantastic! But her culmination in 65 IS Spectacular! Isabella just has "that something" that makes you know what she's "feeling" and what she's "giving", awesome!

WoW! :)

Splendor in the grass!

Great first set of photographs, now I would love to see you in a bed with red silk sheets!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful body with the world.

Looking forward to seeing more of you Isabella as soon as possible.

Man, what a woman!!

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