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Splendor feminae!

fantastic gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!! need i say more? ok i will, so beautiful, great body & luv that pussy, yum yum

Perfect 10

I have scored this set with a One. It might have earned Nine or Ten if it wasn't for that stupid necklace, which destroyed almost all the best shots.

Why do these clowns do this?

As Col. Headlopper sat in the mission briefing room waiting for the intelligence for his next mission his mind wandered. He remembered the last mission of the Memphis Belle. A B-17 bomber on it's last mission over Europe in WW2. Col. Headlopper had been assigned a new plane.
The Isabella Delight, a beautiful pin girl plane. Col. Headloppers new plane came with impressive armament, beautiful lines and a skilled combat pilot. This pilot had named the plane after herself and had adorned the nose with a beautiful pin up picture of herself. The good Col. Headlopper mission was to fly in the co-pilots seat and advise the Isabella Delights captain on the perils of flying the missions of life without a good navigator and co-pilot. The Isabella Delight looks like the captain and crew had taken great care of this beautiful plane.
The Isabella Delight had already shown the world that she could take off from any field. The beautiful take off from the wonderful green grass field had shown the world that the Isabella Delight was a force to be reckoned with in any theater of combat. The Good Col. Headlopper was going to volunteer his services to the Isabella Delight that first mission but decided to wait on the pin-up girl mission to offer his services as co-pilot and navigator. The beautiful 23 year old captain of the Isabella Delight doesn't look like she needs to much help navigating the mission of life. But since her beauty is like flying at 30,000 feet and she takes your breath away with scrumptious body and beautiful face. The Good Col. Headlopper waits in the mission briefing room hoping the Isabella Delight might need a co-pilot. She looks like she only needs a little help with the navigation part.
A report from the front lines by Col. Headlopper

Wonderful girl, fab breasts, good open shots, but, please, spare us he beads!

Those breasts...what can I say...

Lose the beads

One of the best I've seen here! Love her!

Incredible natural breasts, but this set does not display them well.

It display's them ok. With a wonderful chest like that I don't understand why they don't get simple shots of her leaning forward towards the camera? Hopefully in the future, because she is stunning!

Them beads gotta go!! LOL

I wish I could give this a thousand thumbs up. God, that was annoying.

I Just hope Goncharov realized that if Isabella sat there too long the wood would catch on fire.

Watch out Sofi A !!!

I think they should work together! They could pose with Milena D and squish her between them.

That would be the hottest girl on girl set.

Great follow up from wonderful Isabella. Breasts are mesmerizing. Great 'open' shots too. Think she may be a regular feature here.

I agree! I hope that we see a lot more sets from this lovely girl (woman)

Sorry gotta be a little crass... I love the Tig Ole Bitties!

OK, got that outta the system. Nice shots, lovely angular face, over all nothing to complain about. Lovely.

Butterflies and clitoral hoods rule. I appreciate every component of the total Isabella. I quickly checked some of the pictures and found that beautiful translucent skin in many places. Thank you Isabella, well done Goncharov.

Wow. Isabella has lived up to the promise of her debut last month. She's a very, very desirable and sexy woman. There's such a wealth of beauty here, it's hard to know where to start. Yeah, Right! Her breasts, an unforgettable rack that is still staring at me as I write this. But there's must more. This woman is wonderful down to the ground. 10.

That's "much more" not "must more." Gotta lay off the cognac before I write these things.

Or take 2.7 sec. an proofread yourself.

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