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I agree with what you say.
I also think that Leonardo knows his job well.
I think that if it were free from market reasons, it would produce always the sets as : Sinensis, Soggeti, Trydan, Utilizzata, .... and to the top Blucid.
II think that the technique you can learn the art you can not.

Attention danger.
Watch with caution.
Not for the faint of heart.

Isabella is a cream puffs.
Is a concentration of all the feminine sensuality of women of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Leonardo you were not among the artists photographers that I preferred.
Your photos were, in my opinion, great sharpness, great formal correctness, beautiful colors, but environments boring, flat light.

But then I saw the pictures of Vittoria, Nancy, Kaylee, Aza, Alma, Aislin, Isabella.
And today the fireworks of "Blucid".
Today, you are among the top five artist photographer that I prefer.

Something that never gets remarked on in the comments here: Leonardo has actually been listening to the complaints people make in the comments section and the shoots he has been doing lately have improved vastly. Sure, there are still old Leonardo sets in the vaults that get published from time to time, but you can see the genuine progress he's made in the newer sets as they get published.
Specifically, a lot of complaints were about the fact that he never used to include close up shots, and now he has a good balance of full body shots and closeups.

Or it COULD be someone or other of his staff shooting under his name...

His newer stuff appears to address the concerns, but then how many sets are in the vault in queue? I'll give the man a chance.


Isabella has such a pretty butterfly... I'd gladly volunteer to help her spread its wings... ( ;

fer, She spread the wings for us in 81,82,83,93. But your willingness to volunteer for this service is commendable! ;-)

Like I say, all for public service, of course! ( ;
With no thought given to the gruelling work and great responsibility... ( :

You are an exemplary citizen of Met - all for the common good.

...all in the interests of a better photoshoot, of course! *ahem*

Fantastic! Those luscious lips open like rose petals and those puffy yet rough nipples beg to be kissed. Stunning, gorgeous, provocative ... And lovely photography, that strong blue is a perfect foil for sweet Isabella's bold poses.

Isabella is a beautiful woman. I really like her eyes, breasts, translucent skin, innie, superb butt cheeks (thanks Leonardo for the full length views from behind), butterfly, and long ~ strong legs.

Isabella IS beautiful, and I also thank Leonardo for including those behind and closeups shots, something he does not always do. It doesn't make her more beautiful, but it does make a better well-rounded set, perhaps the best of the four today.

I love to see a well endowed girl play with her ample charms and there are some good examples of that here, Isabella looks gorgeous and displays for us some magnificent open legged poses.

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