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Your look is so playful, would that I could be close to you lovely one....

Isabella makes me hard

Amongst other features, Isabella has a pretty face, significant eyebrows, lovely eyes, dimples, shapely breasts, superb butt cheeks, ample inner labia, a magnificent butterfly, and wonderful love handles. She also appears to be a wizard at cat's cradle.

I very much enjoyed this visit and thank Isabella and Leonardo for their participation in its' preparation and K for scheduling it.

Well this time everyone beat me to what I would have said about this set.... Great! is all I have left...lol And Isabella!! Well I can't say enough about how appealing and beautiful she is to me! So I'll leave it at this....WOW!! XOXOXO ;o)

Isabella is "packin' heat"!

That's putting it mildly!

The return of the alcove perfect for photography but useless for a bathroom. The color and and texture of the surfaces provide a nicely warm and flattering backdrop. The lighting is lovely, leaving just enough shadow. See 60. In 61 our model might just as well be perched a bit further over the edge, no? A perfect opportunity missed - for shame for sure. Good use of the robe throughout. Our model's trim is perfect for this photoset, an gets the most from it. Altogether exceptionally good, especially for a confined space.

"and our artist gets the most from it". I insist it was Gremlins stole my text.

Isabella you are a delight!
From start to finish...Totally Mesmerizing Set!
Well done Leo! You captured this gorgeous woman perfectly!


A stunning vision to brighten any day. Isabella is as ever gorgeous. 10!

Now that's why I love sets with robes! Clever use of the belt as well. Just lovely.

Isabella, the most beautiful model of Leonardo, returns.
And, immediately, they are fireworks of beauty and eroticism.

Beautiful... magnificent... excellent.
Isabella is fully comfortable with sharing everything with us, and it is a joy to behold. ( :

Some sexy girl...! Uhh - If only a bit of pubic hair had been left, or all of it then I would vote 10...

If I really like a set or model, I wouldn't let a thing like pubic hair influence my vote. So much more to look at and appreciate.

Uhh - if only that plant had been left out, I would vote a 9.
Uhh - if only that radiator had been dark blue, I would vote 9.2.
Uhh - if only that perfect mammary had been held more roundly, I would vote 9.14159
Uhh - if only The Winged Victory of Samothrace had both its original wings, I might forgive the arms and vote 10.

A comeback with wit, not unlike something Rylsky might say.

Now that's funny!!


This set gets a 10 from me. Love her completely shaved. She is perfect.

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