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Isavella is a totally beautiful woman but thr set is overexposed in places I know Mr Iskan does better. I gave a 10++ points off for the photography

Photography 101; Rule 1: Never take a picture facing into bright light. Rule 2: Break all the rules and call it 'art'.

Isabella D? ISABELLA "DD", minimum!!!

Great set. Hot model.

Simply put, Isabella is my all time favorite MetArt model. More please.

I like the simplicity of the set, and while the lighting may be a bit harsh in some shots, I do love how it accentuates Isabella's wonderfully dangerous curves. I love the playful look on her face, which is sexy as hell. The lying on the floor shots.....take a deep breath...... Isabella flat out smokes in this set, which is her best so far.

Best ever for Isabella. Looks like she is totally enjoying it and her body is exquisite.

Ok, let's put her aside for a second. You take a light skinned woman and place her in front of a window. It is sad when you have such a beautiful woman and give her six pages of photos, and the sixth page is the best. The rest of the pages were washed out from the light of the window.

Beautiful woman, great poses, however, horrible setting.

Totally agree. The window setting could be good, but the back-lighting seems to be overpowering. Maybe hang a gauze outside the window next time to reduce the light coming in ?

Big boobs are nice...! if they are the same length...

Mmmmm!Sumptuous,abundant,copious,oppulent...Can´t find an accurate word
to describe Isabella.Every time I see her my heart races.An angelic face in a killer body.I find her entirely kissable,edible,worth to spend a lifetime by her side.Isabella,lucky will be the man that finally get to
share something with you.You´re so....

The seller

"Voluptuous" and "curvy" are two words that come to my mind... ( :

Those two suit her much better,my friend.I'm still shocked.Can't think clearly

The Seller

Another beautiful Ukrainian woman, with a magnificent figure. Slava Ukraini!!!

Bloody hell she is hot! Best set she's done,wow or should I say double wow.Off to the shower!

My, what a pretty butterfly Isabella has! I wish it had spread its wings more during this set, which was otherwise quite nice.

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