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Tall, elegant Iveta is one of the loveliest and most charming girls on Met-Art but I would love to see her photographed from behind a bit more. Maybe one of your photographers could persuade Iveta to pose on hands and knees and then take some pictures so that we can appreciate her delightful bottom.

This girl takes puffies to a who new level! Like seperate little breasts on top of the others ;) Unfortunately due to the site it is mostly standing frontal shots so not very revealing. Nothing for the rear view crowd or the closeup lovers. (me)

beautiful Iveta with her great breast! all 12 sets the same, time for a haircut, makeover and a studio set.

Gorgeous body especially those breast.Would be heaven if she spread her pussy.

What a beauty!

What a gorgeous woman! Her breasts alone qualify her for the Ukrainian Hall of Fame. If this is an archived set, I hope it's from, say, three weeks ago, rather than three years. I could become addicted to Iveta.

Max Asolo could not have picked a better setting to highlight Iveta's beauty she seems totaly at home within her outdoor series and this one is no exception either :) I love Iveta's stunning beauty from her head down to her toes with her gorgeous face sultry brown eyes sexy smile her flawless tall slender toned tanned body not to forget her remarkable natural breasts puffy erect nipple of hers :) I love the forest setting the natural soft lighting of the sun shining thru the trees and darker lighting of the forest showing her beauty very well with her totally naked except for a sheer light weight piece of white cotton fabric to wrap her body and sit open~There are many tantalizing serene sexy sensual poses and gorgeous close ups of her beauty :)just enough to see her nicely trimmed vagina out of all these lovely images i have to state that my favorite images have to be the gorgeous close up of Iveta clasping her white garment against her firm breast her long brown hair cascading down her shoulders her gorgeous face sensual smile in #2, #40 with her leaning in a lovely sideways pose both hands on her hips with a sultry look in her eyes showing both her breasts nipples fully erected :) As well as images #50 to #55 with Iveta sitting upon the grass in different gorgeous poses poses and sensual looks within her lovely face suulrty eyes #51 shows a cheeky pose with her finger point up in the air as if to say to Max check out what's up there ? it shows that she is play full as well too~just like image #60 with her kneeling down her long hair flowing over her shoulder breast having a lovely chuckle to herself :) Image #65 is simply stunning the way she leans her head back her long brown hair flowing high up in air the sunlight casting a lovely glow upon her breasts !!! As well as the priceless close up of her sitting up showing her taunt body breasts and gorgeous nipples at their fullness with a sexy smile on her face in image #69 :) #70 to #75 with both magnificent close ups of her gorgeous face eyes breasts erect nipples as well as distant images of Iveta C one does'nt need very expicite views of a models body to show her sexuality and Iveta C and Max Asolo just proved it within this truelly remarkable lovely series ;) ;)

Babe in the woods: full perky tits, lovely pencil trim. Photog could have done better with the hue, too much yellow ruined the skin tone.

Iveta C is a perfect outdoors model, and is perfectly beautiful, like her namesake Iveta B who is now exclusively with EA. Iveta C can run around in my woods anyday,I'll suffer( hand to forehead)

I'm curious; who establishes the user tags? Some of the tags have no connection to this photo set.

The members add them. I'm often baffled by some of the tags people add. For example, there's somebody out there I call the "small labia troll." This person tags damn near every girl with "small labia" no matter how large her labia might be.

I'm personally annoyed by Mr. "lickable" and "suckable." I mean, get real.

And there is a pencil dick who uses ok a lot.

While this MIGHT be a gallery retrieved from someone's archives, it showcases how lovely that Iveta was / is. I really like her puffies, shapely breasts, and bubble butt. Thanks to Iveta and Max.

I don't mind seeing archived sets when they have this degree of quality.

Well stated Kilroy going through the Archived sets are simply gorgeous with soft and dark lighting the both enchances the models features very well and it would also be really nice if they could redo the older movies within new format as some are very sensual are sexy too so one can view them once again Cheers Kilroy :)

Hi Rags25 Unfortunately some of the best have been taken down by the photog (Pasha) because they were on short term contract,and some one want to republish. Pasha's classics of Juman like his"Soft Sand series, and his movies of Alexandra have been removed per Met support due to short contracts. Many others were banned from Met because the photog and his wife( Grigory and Valentina Galitsin) went to prison for using under-age models.Much of his still work is around in book format, which I have.The title is"Galitsin's Angels from Russia with love. It has Valentina and Julia on the cover. Valentina is hugging Julia,who has her face in Valentina's shoulder,and her cute butt hanging out,and they are standing out on the steppe,which is totally empety."You can sometimes get the hardcover from Amazon, but be warned , It's VERY expensive, as Amazon has to import from Germany.

Hi 5seadog Thanks for the info on the book and using under age women in any form of modeling is a big No No in my books even in fashion magazines it tends to adract all the pervets in you know what i mean and Met-Art has some very strict rulings on that one !!! not like other sites but it would be nice to see all the old movies digitalised to watch them again:) Cheers 5seadog :)

Hey rags25: I totally agree with both of your points (so long, of course, as the model(s) in the
re-formatted movies were adults when filmed.)

It is good to see a set from Max again. He has been around for years but has not had a lot posted recently. I first noticed him when he did few sets with Lidiya one of my early favs. Seeing this Iveta again is also a delight. Good outdoor set.

Ah, Lidya. She made it a golden age. Sigh

Yes, I totally agree about Lidya. She was/is amazing...

I cannot agree more...And for some of the Erro exclusives that are no longer here. Can we mourn...

Well Sailor, just to tease you, I have some news from the Sex side. One of your newest pledges to your sorority, Cathleen, who first appeared here a couple of weeks ago (A cute little thing) Well she had her first set on Sex today, and WOW... She not only displays herself well, she plays with it well. (A solo set) Hopefully she will turn in the pledge pin and become an Active member. She may end up being another 9+. EYHO...

Thanks for the tip. You have forced me to renew my membership there.

love those beautifull breasts

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