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WOW! Nuf said

Wonderful body! Great Breasts and Great ASS!

THINGS I LIKE ABOUT THIS SET: Super cute, super hot model, well posed.

THINGS I MIGHT PREFER: Ever so slightly less intense light for fair skinned lass.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Makes a strong case for letting your pubic hair be.
104 -- nice half-airbrushed armpit, etc.
Guess you think she needs all the help she can get.
Unfortunately, that's not the way to help her.

Poor Doug, you are still torturing yourself with all the shaved girls on this site. I don't get it, you must like the diatribe, or you'd just go to the hairy sites and be done with it. A crusade perhaps?

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

It is a crusade, Red. I'm trying to save the world :-)

I fear your "crusade" will end in much the same manner as it's namesake...;o)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

OK, we'll ratchet that back a little bit. I'm trying to save MA -- or at least one chick featured here :-)

I highly doubt any model on MA listens to what one member thinks.

All of these photos sets are shot well in advance of the published date.....and the sequence (order/date) they are/were published has nothing to do with the actual sequence (order/date) they are/were shot. Therefore, it is impossible to think that anything a member says has any bearing on a model's choice of grooming/etc.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

It's not impossible to think that models and photogs listen to what commentators here say.
In fact I am certain that some do.*
You're right about date shot v date published -- that's old news to some of us.

*it's one of the reasons for Comments.

BTW, the differential between date shot/date published can vary from a few weeks to a few years.

Do you honestly believe that any of these woman have ever changed their grooming habits simply because you stated that you wished they would remain natural?

1) A model might decide to avoid waxing/shaving/trimming because a job might require her to fit a certain criteria.
2) She might have a boyfriend or husband who requests/acknowledges a certain preference.
3) She may decide certain times of the year, when the weather is cold, that her attire doesn't require much (if any trimming) so it's just easier to let it grow.
4) It may be more acceptable culturally where she lives or with those she associates with.

I'm sure there are a good number of personal reasons that a woman may decide on a more natural look.....but I very much doubt that any MA model has ever though.....Gee, I wonder what Doug wants.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

You're missing my point -- I'm just saying that some models and photogs pay attention to comments -- mine, perhaps, and others.
Whether they are influenced by them -- well, every action causes a reaction, unless we're in a vacuum.
So I speak as if what I say matters. Never know -- it might :-)

To answer your question specifically, yes, I believe one or some have, to some extent.

Doug, I apologize if I came off as confrontational (when I re-read my comment I could see how it could be interpreted that way), so thank you for remaining civil with your responses.

I believe this comment section was created so that members could discuss their feelings on the models.
I think it is great that several photographers appear to join in occasionally.
I agree it's possible that photographers may listen to member comments and work a few popular suggestions into their work.

From what I have read Rylsky and Arkisi pretty much tell it like it is.....they will do what they want to do (working with the model and what she is comfortable with of course), which is understandable, since it has led them to be successful photographers.
I think a couple of other photographers tell you (not just you, but any of us) what they think we want to hear. I have been observing for quite some time before ever responding and one photographer in particular does this repeatedly.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Yes, well talk is cheap. They gotta walk the walk.

I think they, models and photographers and middlemen -- that is, MA, et al -- will do what brings them sales. But sometimes they don't actually know what that is. You have to try things, and give your experiments time enough to prove themselves one way or another. To do that you have to think longer than short term, which is not I gather a strong point of most people in this industry.

Thanks for the thoughts. I am intentionally provocative, because I would like to see some changes made here. But once I have provoked, I've gotta try to be calm and stick to the facts as I see 'em. So no problem. Responses are grounders to field, so to speak. "Soft hands" help :-)

Thanks Doug. Good luck with your Crusade:)
I believe one day popularity of the "bald look" will begin to fade, but it personally doesn't matter one way or another to me....I just admire the image of any beautiful women.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I think you're not alone there. I've always been a "bush" man, so I'm a little bit at odds with the age. At the very least I would like these women to realize there's nothing wrong with natural pubic hair and that they can grow it out just like the hair on their heads for a change. I think they're afraid of the opinions of fools -- the shavesaurus* industrial complex -- a shame they should let it run their lives and limit the expression of their womanhood.
My favorite model shows herself both ways, and I enjoy the difference.

*Rylsky's term :-)

BTW, you said it: "bald."
I'll take naturally furry any day :-)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

...or at least what I see of it :-))

I'm here because of one girl. When she's gone, there won't be any more reason for me to hang around.

Tho I do enjoy the commentary, obviously :-)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

BTW, I don't dislike shaved half as much as I hate photoshopping!

Izabel you are such a sexy beautiful girl. Such sexy hips and ass, WOW!

A new Star continues to shine brightly! Izabel is radiantly beautiful in a fine follow-up to a Stellar debut! Her smile could spark a Quantum Singularity!!

Other than #95 being out of focus, this is a great set. Izabel is stunning, I'd give an eye tooth to spend some intimate time with her!

Well, those four ladies have made a great Monday start....

Fresh face! And Ass!!!

i love this lady

Izabel is a cutie:) I love a nice big happy smile on a beautiful woman.

Great set - Izabel is sheer perfection

Damn, what a radiant smile! I'm tempted to give this set a 10 on the basis of her smile alone! I imagine if I were a portrait photographer, Izabel would be my dream subject...

Our artist, once again, uses color to bring out the best of his subject. Compare the harsh effect of the blue background on the skin of our model in the next set.

Why lose the clothing? Does it block the view? Perhaps our artist fears the effects of sensory overload should we see that smile at the same time as the clothes. Perhaps his fear is not misplaced.

Another great set of pictures from Izabel and Matiss. Izabel you are stunningly beautiful, come back soon.

Lovely little darling, Once she let that smile out everything changed. She really lights up when that smile come through to those amazing azure eyes. Great little body, perfect breasts, cute butt, and great legs. Her eye color is very interesting. At a distance they look blue but closeup they are a lovely blue/green. Quite an intriguing effect. Good poses, a great smile with perfect dazzling white teeth. A rare thing with eastern European girls.

Nice camera work, nice colors, good balance, nice depth of field.

I also noticed the color change in her eyes.....and they are alluring:)
IMO, Izabel is a fine looking young woman and her smile which only enhances her beauty.

A stunning start to the week!

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